Top Things You Should Do In The Caribbean This Winter

Do you really need much of an excuse to plan a vacation to the Caribbean this winter?  If you’re from the Midwestern United States or New England, you probably don’t, given the winter storm that slammed these areas last week. Just taking a break from the chilly tempts and feet of snow is enough to hop on a plane to your nearest island destination with crystal-clear water and a giant pina colada. However, if you’re looking for some more substantial excuses to book a mid-winter Caribbean vacation, here are some top events going on in the islands over the next several months.

Head To The Roof

In January, there is a very good reason to visit the Rosewood Baha Mar resort in Nassau, Bahamas. Aside from the fact that the resort was just opened last summer, so the 2,300 rooms are all full of the most modern amenities, you’ll also find a one-of-a-kind feature (at least, it’s one of kind in the Bahamas). “Skybar” is a new rooftop cocktail lounge that sits 20 stories above the Caribbean Sea. If you’re looking for something a little more “down to earth,” check out the resort’s Umami burger and their beachfront, airstream trailer. Now is definitely the time to take advantage of the new resort, too. From now until February 15th, the resort is offering a free night when you book a five-night stay any time between now and April 30th.

Celebrate The Dominican Republic’s Independence Day

On February 27th, the Dominican Republic will be celebrating the 175th anniversary of its independence from Haiti. As such, the country will be hosting a virtually nonstop carnival during the entire month of February. The biggest event, though, will occur in Santo Domingo, right on the waterfront, on Independence Day itself.

Show A Little Love To The Folks In The U.S. Virgin Islands

Last year, the U.S. Virgin Islands were pummeled by the hurricanes that ravaged the area. As such, only about half of the resorts on throughout St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix are open. And you can imagine, they need all the business they can get as part of their recovery from the devastating storms. Now is a great time to visit, as all of the beaches have reopened, and the resorts that are open have plenty to offer guests. If you want to get more involved with helping out the folks in the islands, you can participate in many volunteer programs during your visit, from beach cleanups to home building for local residents.