Top August Travel Recommendations

August is a special month for travelers. Many might have just gotten back from a big summer vacation last month, so the most they could hope for in August is a weekend trip. Others might have been putting off a summer vacation until this month. Either way, when August arrives, the end of summer is close behind, so the opportunities to get away to a great summer destination are dwindling. If you’re still hoping to sneak in a vacation before summer’s end, we’ve got you covered. Be it a weekend, or two weeks, here are some of the best vacation destinations to visit in August.


Rhode Island

Top August Travel Recommendations

Newport, Rhode Island is a great summer vacation destination. Weather-wise, it’s pretty hard to beat. Temperatures are incredibly comfortable and you’re practically guaranteed to get all the sun you can handle. Plus, the breezes off the ocean are second to none. August is an especially great month to visit, with plenty of events to keep visitors entertained throughout the month. Outdoor activities like boating, fishing, and hiking will help ensure that your waning days of summer are memorable ones.



Top August Travel Recommendations

When it comes to celebrating the summer season, few places do it better than Budapest. Every weekend this month and through September the city hosts a slew of concerts, art festivals, and food celebrations. Visitors will find no shortage of amazing hotels during their stay, though there won’t be much time to enjoy them given the volume of activities the city offers outside its hotels.


Queensland, Australia

Top August Travel Recommendations

Sometimes, the best summer vacation is actually a winter vacation. Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia offers visitors daytime temperatures that hover in the lower 70s. August also represents the driest month in this area of Australia, so you’ll have a hard time finding better weather. From biking and hiking to simply enjoying the view along the Brisbane River, this destination is a must-visit for lovers of the outdoors hoping to get in one last vacation before those of us in the Northern Hemisphere find ourselves in the grips of Old Man Winter.