Here’s A Look At The Best Bars In The Caribbean

Finding a great cocktail isn’t the hardest thing to do. Every major city in the world has more great cocktail bars than you could likely visit in a single trip. But combine a great cocktail with a great beach, and you’ve got something that you’ll be able to talk about for a lifetime. After all, you don’t see Jimmy Buffet writing songs about drinks in Spokane, do you?  If you’d like to channel your inner “Parrothead” on your next trip to paradise, take a look at some of the best bars in the Caribbean.

Sandy Island


Here’s A Look At The Best Bars In The Caribbean

Many would argue that the “best” beach bar in the world is probably located on some lone island someplace where it’s the only structure. Well, those people might just be right, and that bar might just be located on a place called Sandy Island, off the coast of Anguilla. The island is literally just big enough for a shack, some lounge chairs, and a gorgeous little stretch of beach. The shack serves cocktails, among them what is arguably the world’s greatest rum punch, as well as munchies, including barbecue crayfish that’s to die for. You can only get to Sandy Island by private boat or by taking a daily ferry.

Bayside Restaurant

St. Lucia

Here’s A Look At The Best Bars In The Caribbean

Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort is home to the Bayside Restaurant. You don’t even have to drink to appreciate that this is one of the greatest bars in the Caribbean. All you have to do is look around once you’re there. The resort sits between two mountains called Petit Piton and Gros Piton, and offer some amazing views. If you do drink, though, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the menu, which pairs excellently with delicious meals like pork ribs and grilled octopus.

La Plaj Beach Bar

St. Martin

Here’s A Look At The Best Bars In The Caribbean

The waters of St. Martin are some of the prettiest blue you’ll ever lay eyes on. They’re even better if you happen to be standing on the sand at the Belmond La Samanna, sipping a glass of wine from the La Paj Beach Bar. The bar overlooks a lazy little cove and if you’re not careful, it might just force you into the expatriate lifestyle.