Ever Wonder Which Countries Use The Most Vacation Days? Here They Are

Few of us will deny the effects that a good vacation can have on our well-being.  But here’s a question to ponder:  Do we, as Americans, take enough vacation?  When compared to other countries throughout the world it would appear that we do no.  The U.S. Travel Association suggests that, on average, Americans took a little over 17 vacation days in 2017.  That’s about half of what most other countries take.  So just which countries take the most vacation days?  Here’s a look at some of the top contenders.


Brazil ties for the lead throughout the world in terms of employees and the vacation days they take.  On average, Brazilian employers offer their workers 30 days of vacation each year and the employees usually take all 30 days!


Finland is in a tie for first with Brazil when it comes to vacation days for employees.  Finnish companies offer their workers 30 days of paid vacation each year, and the employees normally take all 30 of those days.  The lesson we can all learn from countries like Finland and Brazil is that if your employer offers you a certain number of vacation days each year you should use them!


Like the first two countries on this list, France offers its employees an average of 30 days of paid vacation each year.  And just like Brazil and Finland, French employees take all 30 of those paid days.  The important thing to consider is that most of the French employees take their vacation time during the month of August.  That’s important to remember because many of the country’s rural restaurants and shops actually close during August.


Germany rounds out the four-way tie for most vacation days, as its employees get and use an average of 30 days as well.


While Denmark also offers 30 paid days of vacation to its employees each year, the workers actually only take an average of 28 days each year.  That hardly makes them work-a-holics, but it is interesting to note.


Sweden offers 28 days of paid vacation to its employees and, on average, those employees take about 25 of them.

The moral of the story is that workers in the U.S. are under-vacationed!  So, if your company offer you a set amount of paid days each year, you should use them!