Spotlight: Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro became the center of the world’s attention after it held the 2016 Olympic Games. However, even before the games, the city had much to offer. With a rich culture and amazing sites, Rio de Janeiro should definitely be on your travel bucket list.

Very close to the city is the Corcovado mountain. On the peak of this mountain lies one of the most famous statues in the world, Christ the Redeemer. The art deco style statue of Jesus Christ is 30 meter (98 feet) tall, 28 meters (92 feet) wide, and weighs 635 metric tons. The statue is located in the Tijuca Forest National Park, and has breath taking views of Rio down below.

Travelfuntu - Rio de Janeiro

If you love the views at the foot of the Christ the Redeemer statue than you must also visit Sugarloaf Mountain. Named because of its similar shape to a loaf of bread, Sugarloaf Mountain is known for its cablecar and sweep panoramic views of Rio and the Atlantic Ocean. Sugarloaf Mountain became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012. If you are up for a little exercise, hike Morro da Urca, the mountain that lies before Sugarloaf. It offers easy hikes that allows you to see the magnificent jungle.

Next, make your way indoors to the Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro. If possible catch a production at this century-old theater, if not tours are also offered. The lavish theater is decorated with gilded mirrors, murals, and sparkling chandeliers.

Travelfuntu - Municipal do Rio de Janeiro

After visiting all these amazing places, maybe it’s time to kick back and relax on the beach. There are many beautiful beaches close to Rio awaiting your arrival. If you like surfing that Aproador beach is for you. The rock outcropping at this beach creates amazing waves that are 7-10 feet high. However, as it close the city, it sometimes gets overcrowded with tourists. However, fear not, there are two famous beaches located right next to Aproador, Ipanema and Copacabana.

Rio is always a lively city and is great to visit year round. However, if you have the option visit during Carnival. Carnival begins on Friday and ends on Ash Wednesday every year. Carnival is a colorful celebration with parades, dancing, and costumes – it’s a once in a lifetime experience you definitely do not want to miss!

Travelfuntu - Carnival