Check Out Europe’s Scariest Escape Room

Escape rooms have soured in popularity over the past several years. Now, thrill-seekers can satisfy their needs too with Europe’s scariest escape room experience, which just happens to be located a couple thousand feet in the air.

This newest escape room is located at the Val Thorens resort in the French Alps. It’s the highest escape room game in all of Europe, hauling passengers more than 9,800 feet in the air as they try to find a way out of one of the resort’s famous cable cars. It’s an obviously unique experience—the first of its kind to occur inside a cable car, and arguably it’s the escape room game with the most amazing, 360-degree view.

Prior to boarding the cable car for the game, players will be given a guided tour of the lift station, where they’ll learn about the history of the famous cars and be able to view the engine room.

Like most other escape rooms games, the cable car escape will require participants to solve a series of riddles and work together to break free. The Cime Caron cable car holds 150 people, and when it was built in 1982, it was the largest cable car in the world. Despite its large capacity, only five passengers will be taken into the car for the escape game. The players will ascend the mountain in the car, which will stop in the middle of the ascent and leave the passengers suspended high above the ground. From there, the players will have one hour to solve the puzzles and escape.

Once the hour is up, players will be transported back to the resort, regardless of how successful they were in solving the riddles.

The cable car escape room game opened in March and will run through May 8th, the closing date for the resort’s winter season. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the experience, other than the obvious height factor, is that you can play the escape room game for free!  If you’re interested, it’s recommended that you contact the resort as soon as possible to book an experience.