JetBlue Is Giving Three People Free Flights For A Year? All They Had To Do Was Delete Their Instagram Feed.

Imagine all of the places you could check off your vacation bucket list if you were able to fly for an entire year without having to pay a dime. If that concept sounds like something you’d be interested in, you just missed out because JetBlue just ran a contest where three people won a year’s worth of free flights. All they had to do was delete their Instagram feed in its entirety.

It isn’t the first time that JetBlue has tried something like this. Ten years ago, the company released what they called an “All You Can Jet” pass. You still had to pay $599, but you got unlimited flights to anywhere the carrier flew for one month.

This year, the pot has been sweetened quite a bit, as you can fly for free for an entire year. Plus, you can bring someone along with you!

The big caveat, of course, is deleting your Instagram account. JetBlue already set the pace for the contest by deleting all of their own photos from the official JetBlue Instagram feed. The idea is that they want to create a “blank slate” when it comes to flying, and that’s apparently what they were asking of their contestants, too.

Unfortunately, the contest has passed but it’s still an interesting move and gives us hope that more contests like this pop up in the future. To enter the contests simply had to delete all of the photos from their Instagram from February 27th to March 8th. Then, they were required to choose one photo of a person or place they wanted to visit and caption the photo with “All you can ___.” That image was then uploaded that to JetBlue’s website and then posted to their Instagram accounts with the hash-tag #AllYouCanJetSweepstakes.

The winners haven’t been announced yet but it gives us hope that future sweepstakes with juicy rewards like this will continue to pop up. After all, if you live for vacations, a year’s worth of free flights is a pretty decent sweet!