Virgin Atlantic Now Offers ‘Love Suites” For Travelers Who Prefer To Cuddle During Their Trip

Airlines have gone a long way in recent years to make travelers as comfortable as possible. Most notable are the virtually private cabins that first-class passengers can get on long flights. Virgin Atlantic airlines has taken its passenger accommodations to entirely new levels with its brand new A330-200 aircraft.

The first of the aircraft, named Daydream Believer, is scheduled to take to the air in March. If you think that’s a clever name for an aircraft, just wait until the other three planes begin service, dubbed Scarlett O’Hara, Honky Tonk Woman, and Strawberry Fields.

While the names are certainly worthy of attention, what passengers will truly appreciate is the upgraded cabin features. Economy passengers will have 222 seats to purchase, plus another 25 with extra legroom—a substantial boost in the number of seats with extra legroom you usually see on planes this size. The upper-class passengers are really in for a treat, though, as the new aircraft will come with 19 seats that are capable of reclining into fully-flat beds. Three of those beds are actually suites that the airline has respectively dubbed the Love Suite, Freedom Suite, and Corner Suite. Add to all of that additional amenities like a gourmet coffee menu, Wi-Fi, free messaging and something called “Happy Socks,” and it’s not hard to see why Virgin Atlantic may soon become the premier airline of choice.

Let’s get back to the custom suites for a moment, though, shall we?

The Freedom Suite is actually designed for solo travelers who are very much against making small talk with other passengers. If you’re flying by yourself and all you want to do is stretch out and relax in private, this is likely the suite for you.

The Corner Suite is similar to the Freedom Suite. In fact, as far as we can tell, it’s identical with the exception that it offers a better view.

The Love Suite is really the hot topic in the airline industry right now. These suites are located in the middle of the upper-class cabin. They’re designed for couples who want to snuggle during the flight and do everything together, from watching movies to eating dinner.