Travel Spotlight: Mexico City

Mexico City probably doesn’t get enough credit as a vacation destination. You can find chic hotels, restaurants and activities to rival some of the most popular cities around the world. Here’s a look at just a few of the reasons to add Mexico City to your vacation bucket list.

Where To Stay

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City

Like most other Four Seasons properties around the world, the hotel at Paseo de la Reforma delivers exactly what you expect from the brand. The rooms are luxurious but still have a sense of calm reserve. The hotel is located just a short walk from Chapultepec Park and away from the busy atmosphere of the rest of the city. You’ll also find the highest level of service and incredible amenities that keep the Four Seasons name among the best hotels in the world.

Where To Eat


Pujol has the best of two kinds of dining experiences in Mexico City: the formal, jacket and tie variety and the taco bar experience. Pujol is run by the same chef who helms the popular Cosme, in New York City. Whether you choose the formal dining room or the bar, you’re in for an amazing culinary experience. The only downside is that it’s nearly impossible to get a table unless you’ve made a reservation WELL in advance.

What To Do

Floating Gardens of Xochimilco

It’s really hard to pick a top attraction in Mexico City. There are almost countless museums, parks and markets to explore, all of which make for an awesome day on the town. However, for something a little more unique, consider getting out of town. Not quite an hour outside of the city (by car) likes the World Heritage Site of Xochimilco. This site is home to a large lake and canal system that snakes through the Valley of Mexico. Start at Embarcadero Belem and hop on a boat to tour the waterways and islands, where you’ll get a sense of what life in the Valley was like before the Spanish ever settled in the area.