Book Lovers Can Spend The Night In the Gladstone Library In Wales

If you’re a voracious lover of books and you’ve always dreamt of spending the night in a library, your wishes can now become a reality. The Gladstone Library is located in the Welsh village of Hawarden, and it’s allowing guests to spend the night amount its 150,000 books.

The library was founded in the 1800s by the British Prime Minister William Gladstone. The library has long been known as one of the finest in the United Kingdom, and it is open to anyone looking for a quiet place to study, read, write or engage in any number of other scholastic activities.

The Gladstone Library has also had its fair share of famous visitors over the years. Countless novelists, playwrights, historians, researchers, and poets have spent time under the Victorian ceiling creating their respective material. The books among the shelves span all forms of literature, politics, and history, as well as copies of annotated material from Homer to Alfred, Lord Tennyson. It also has plenty of modern books to keep the contemporary reader entertained.

There’s a restaurant in the library, where guests can enjoy a variety of sandwiches and cakes, as well as take in a cup of tea. On Sundays, the café serves a traditional British lunch to fuel your reading habits.

But what’s this about sleeping in the library?

There’s an actual hotel within the library walls, and that’s what makes the Gladstone Library truly one of a kind. Rooms start out at around £66, or $91, and guests can stay in any one of 26 bedrooms, each decorated with book-themed wallpaper. Guests also get a complimentary continental breakfast. One thing you won’t find in the rooms are televisions, but you’ll have a pretty good chance of finding a book to keep you occupied.

The Gladstone Library offers tours to the public, for those just wanting to catch a glimpse. If you actually want to pop in and get some reading done, the library is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you book a stay at the library you can access the reading rooms until 10 p.m.