New Technology Could Make TSA Checkpoints Much Faster For Travelers

For more than a decade now, travelers have had to jump through increasingly difficult “hoops” in order to fly on planes. Recently, the TSA added another regulation, which limits the number of powdered products you can bring inside your carry-on luggage. That move is a result of a failed attempt to blow up a plane in Australia using powdered explosives that occurred last year. Security is definitely an important issue, but it seems that traveling by plane only gets progressively harder, not easier. Thankfully, that trend may change soon.

The TSA started testing a new technology mid-summer in a partnership with American Airlines. At certain security checkpoints, new scanners are deploying 3D technology that allows travelers to keep all of their items inside their carry-on bags to be scanned. No more fumbling with laptops, liquids or any other item that you have to juggle out of your bag and put in a separate container to be scanned. The end result is less hassle for your and faster processing through security. That means fewer missed flights and happier passengers!

The majority of current TSA checkpoints use a technology called 2D X-ray, which has some limitations. The new technology being tested uses 3D imaging, which allows security agents to view items inside of bags 360 degrees around. It’s easier to spot hazardous devices and it could potentially prevent items from needing to be removed in the future.

Just don’t expect to see the changes any time soon. New technology like the 3D imaging requires extensive testing. Currently, it’s being used at checkpoints in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Boston’s Logan International and JFK in New York. There are plans in place to add an additional 15 of the new scanners to checkpoints located in airports throughout the United States.

If you’re lucky enough to come across any of this new technology in your travels, you should be in for a smoother experience. In the meantime, you can make your life easier by limiting what you take in your carry-on luggage. There are countless gadgets and luggage accessories on the market that can make the process easier, too.