An Italian Hotel Group Just Committed To Removing All Plastic Bottles From Nearly 500 Rooms And Restaurants

April 22nd is Earth Day, so it’s fitting that eco-friendly news is still pouring in on a daily basis. Plastic pollution continues to be one of the top issues that countries all over the world deal with (193 of which celebrate Earth Day).  Plastics can devastate marine life, ruin the appeal of gorgeous beaches, and congest landfills and inland waterways. This Earth Day, one hotel chain in Rome is deciding to do something major to address the problem.

Bettoja Hotels Collection is a family-owned business and this year’s Earth Day will mark the first day that plastic bottles will be discontinued in all of their hotels. The company owns three of the most popular hotels in Rome, and their commitment to reducing plastic pollution will hopefully serve as inspiration for other hotel chains, too.

The three hotels owned by Bettoja boast a total of 495 rooms. Their commitment to eliminate plastics is only one part of how they plan to change up their whole image. By the end of this month, guests will no longer find plastic bottles in any of the mini bars in the rooms or the restaurants on the properties. They’ve also been moving forward with a renovation across all of their properties with an impressive price tag of 20 million euros ($22.4 million USD). The construction started last year and is expected to last over the next several years.

Maurizio Bettoja, the president of Bettoja Hotels Collection, said that he’s happy to take his company in such an eco-friendly direction on Earth Day this year. He went on to say that he hopes to come up with a new environmental goal for each Earth Day in the coming years. It’s a great concept and one that we hope other companies all over the world emulate.

Earth Day serves as a reminder for us all of the importance of protecting the environment and reducing our carbon imprint. In one final example of their commitment, the Bettoja Hotels collection also announced that they’ll be turning the lights off in all three of their properties for one minute on Earth Day, and dinners at their main restaurant will be served via candlelight. Nothing sets the mood like saving the planet.