The World’s Most Little-Known Island Getaways

When you think of “island vacation,” most people think of one of the Hawaiian Islands or Jamaica. While these destinations are fantastic in their own right, there are countless other islands out there that are far less known and no less amazing. Here are some of the world’s best and little-known island getaways.

Little Corn Island


You won’t find any roads, cars or streetlights on this mile and half square island in the Caribbean. What you will find is the Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa, a perfect place to stay and relax.



Located about three hours from Copenhagen, this Danish getaway is about as quaint as you can get. You’ll find cobbled streets, a seaport that belongs in a fairy tale and Tudor houses dotting the island, including the Vestergade 44, a perfect bed and breakfast for your stay.

Lizard Island


You’ll only find one lodge on this remote stretch of the Great Barrier Reef, where you can choose from 40 villas and suites and 24 different beaches to chill out on.



You’ll find plenty of resorts to stay at when considering a trip to this tropical island. You can stay in the high-end Andaman or in one of the overwater villas at Pangkor Laut. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the island’s beaches, jungles, swaying palm trees and amazing dining experiences.

Dolphin Island


Dolphin Island sits on 14 private acres of pristine beaches and palms, and you only have to share the experience with seven other guests. The island’s cuisine is almost as fantastic as the hilltop stargazing.

Fowl Cay

The Bahamas

This private island resort only has six villas on it and is a perfect blend of the casual, Caribbean lifestyle and high-end resort life. As if the scenery wasn’t enough, the island’s staff will pamper you as you have never been before.



Korcula is a 20-mile long island that offers some of the best wine and simple, Croatian cuisine you’ll ever find. Combine that with the island’s lush forests and the town’s medieval architecture, and it’s not a vacation destination you’re likely to forget soon.