The U.S. Is Getting 4 New High-Speed Train Routes

Once upon a time, train travel was the premier, luxury way to travel in countries all over the world. The United States was no exception. However, as plane travel became more prevalent and interstate highways started to be built, traveling by train took a backseat. Sure, you can still book trips through Amtrak today, but that’s usually not the first choice for many travelers.

Prepare to see a major comeback in the world of train travel.

In other countries, high-speed trains have given travelers the ability to get to and from major cities much quicker than driving by car and much cheaper than flying. Riders can get from Rome to Milan in under 3 hours. Osaka to Tokyo?  Under 2 hours. We’ve never really had that kind of option for train travel here in the U.S. We’re pretty much limited to a lengthy car ride or a plane trip that can often cost an arm and a leg. Now the United States is getting four new high-speed train routes between major cities. Here’s a closer look at each of them.

SoCal To Las Vegas

It’s 185 miles from Victorville, California to Las Vegas, and after many years of multiple companies bidding for the job, Brightline Trains will be opening up a high-speed route between the two cities. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2019 and the route is expected to be completed in 2022.

Orlando To Miami

The aforementioned Brightline company already has some high-speed trains in the Sunshine State. Now, riders can get from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in just about half an hour. That same trip could take up to 90 minutes by car if the traffic is bad. Now, Brightline is extending the track north to Orlando International Airport. Once construction is complete in about three years travelers will be able to get from Orlando to Miami in just three hours.

L.A. To San Francisco

This could be the biggest undertaking on the list. Traditionally, high-speed train routes in California have been hard to get off the ground. However, by 2033 it’s expected that a new route will be finished between L.A. and San Francisco. Right now, it takes more than six hours to drive between the two cities. The high-speed train could make the same trip in under three hours.

Dallas To Houston

Thanks to traffic, driving between Houston and Dallas usually takes 3.5 to 4 hours. The high-speed route proposed by Texas Central Partners will allow trains to do the same trip in about 90 minutes. They haven’t broken ground yet, but the route is expected to be finished by 2024.