Top Mobile App Recommendations For Summer Travel

Summer is here!  That means there’s a good chance you might have a summer vacation in your near future. In fact, studies have shown that the summer of 2018 might just be the busiest season in terms of travel and vacation that we’ve seen in a good number of years. If you’ve got travel plans this summer, and you’re like most folks who vacation these days, you’ll likely be using your cell phone more than you would if you were to just lay around your house all summer.

Between checking maps, Instagram-ing, and maybe listening to a good audiobook on the beach, your phone will be working overtime. Also, even though vacationing is supposed to be relaxing, there can be some fairly stressful challenges associated with summer travel, so why not use your phone to cut through some of that stress?  Here are some of the top recommended travel apps to download before your summer trip.

Wi-Fi Map

If you don’t have a phone plan with unlimited data usage, a relaxing vacation can soon turn into a financially sickening surprise when you get back home and realize that you’ve gone WAY over your monthly allowance. Most hotels these days offer free Wi-Fi, but what if you’re out and about and need to use some series data?  The Wi-Fi Map app will allow you to search for free Wi-Fi locations all around the world, over 100 million spots in total, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find free Wi-Fi no matter where your summer travel plans take you.


Packing for your trip can be one of the most stressful things about traveling. Knock out some of that stress by downloading the PackPoint app. Simply type in where you’re going and for how long and the app will then customize a packing list for you. You can then share that list with anyone who will be going on the trip with you.

Dark Sky

Chances are, you’re already got a weather app on your phone. Dark Sky is worth mentioning because of its ability to provide crazy accurate forecasts based on your exact location. Plus, the precipitation guides are a little more robust than what you get on most “built-in” mobile platforms. If you’re going to get an additional weather app, this is the one to go with.