Throw Your Old Luggage Away In 2019 And Get One Of These Recommendations Instead

It doesn’t matter what your travel plans look like this year; if you’re still dragging around a big, bulky piece of luggage with busted wheels and a broken handle, it’s time to do yourself a favor and get some new gear. While there are plenty of bags out there that look great, it’s important to get a piece of luggage that is also functional, practical, and durable. The following luggage recommendations offer the best in all these categories. Here are our top luggage picks for 2019.

Away, The Bigger Carry-On

If you’re like many of us, you probably HATE the idea of having to check a bag. That means that you likely try to stuff as much as you possibly can into a carry-on bag, physics be damned. That’s all fine and dandy, but the issue we all run into is that our carry-on bags can only be so big, thanks to the size restrictions implemented by the airlines. The thing is, most airlines list dimensions that are actually smaller than what will really fit in their overhead bins. The luggage manufacturer Away has figured that out. That’s why you can get one of their carryon bags and it will be larger than 99% of the other carryon bags on the market. That means more stuff. Plus, it comes with 360-degree rolling wheels so you can easily haul it through the airport toward your next flight. And the bag comes with a built-in, 10,000 mAh lithium-ion battery pack that can charge your phone up to five times. It’s removable, so it’s a breeze to get it through TSA checkpoints. The Bigger Carry-On can usually be found for under $300.

Planet Traveler Space Case 1

The Space Case 1 from Planet Traveler has been called the smartest suitcase in the world. It comes with a ton of smart features. The bag comes with two zippers that can be locked. They’re TSA-friendly, and you can lock and unlock the bag using your fingerprint or a downloadable app on your phone. The bag also features an alarm that will sound and send an alert to your phone if someone steals your luggage. How’s that for peace of mind?!?  It also comes with a built-in phone charging power bank, integrated speakers, and protective RFID pockets inside so that your phone and passport are protected from crooks with skimming devices. Expect to fork over around $800 for this one, though.

Osprey Transporter Wheeled Duffel 90

If you need to haul a ton of gear with you on your trip, this is the bag for you. Like most of the Osprey products, this bag is constructed from heavy duty material so it will hold up to even the angriest baggage handler. It has a ton of storage room with plenty of pockets for keeping your gear organized. It can get heavy in a hurry, but you won’t notice thanks to the rolling wheels and built-in kickstand.

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