Stella Artois Is Giving Passengers Prizes For Flying In The Dreaded Middle Seat This Month

Air travel has its own, unique set of stressful situations. From delayed flights to the hassle of going through airport security, flying can quickly take a toll on your nerves. And all of the aforementioned stressors happen before you ever even get on the plane!  Once you do board, one of the worst things that can happen to you is getting stuck in the center seat, especially if you don’t know the people on either side of you. Well, Stella Artois feels your pain, and they’re prepared to reward you this month for traveling in the center seat.

The Stella Artois Holiday Travel Contest started on December 3rd and will run until December 21st. Travelers who share their “middle-seat woes” will be eligible win a sleigh-full of prizes, from Lyft ride credits to being allowed to skip through airport security—they’re even giving away hundreds in free flight credits.

Many of the winners will win the coveted $500 credit that can then be used to book international and domestic flights. The money will be awarded via a prepaid card or by deposit into a PayPal account. The great thing about awarding the credit in such a manner is that it can be used with any airline. Stella Artois will be dishing out 60 of these prizes during the duration of the contest.

They’ll also be giving out $500 in credits for either Ticketmaster or StubHub. Twenty-eight lucky winners will receive this particular prize. In addition, Stella will be picking 42 winners to receive $50 in Lyft ride credits so they can get around once they arrive at their destination. Finally, 28 winners will be awarded a free annual membership to Clear, which will allow travelers to bypass security checkpoints and pass through with just a fingerprint and eye scan.

To enter the contest, travelers must take a photo of themselves in the dreaded center seat and post the photo on Stella’s social media sites, and they have plenty to choose from, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They must use the hashtag #Contest and #StellaUpgrade.

Winners will be selected daily, and remember, you have until December 21st to enter. All participants must be at least 21 years old and be a resident of the U.S.