Which Overrated Travel Destinations Should You Skip?

We all have dreams of filling our passports with stamps from exotic locations, making our friends and family full of envy. However, many of those destinations may not be as fantastic as we once thought. Quite simply, many popular travel destinations around the world just don’t deserve the hype that they get. Here are some of the top overrated travel destinations that you should scratch off your bucket list.

Hollywood, California

While many believe Hollywood is a must stop visit on any trip to California, there’s a good chance you’ll be disappointed upon arriving. There’s only one film studio actually located in town (Paramount Pictures), and your odds of spotting a celebrity probably aren’t as good as you might think. There’s the walk of fame, but you’ll likely be crammed shoulder to shoulder with all the other tourists in town. As for additional attractions, you’re only going to find wax museums and other rather unoriginal venues.

Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

Most seasoned Disney travelers will tell you that Tokyo Disneyland is not the best of the parks. Plus, Japan is full of so many other, historically rich travel destinations that spending a day crammed inside of a theme park just seems crazy. Big crowds, long wait times for rides and none of the authentic experiences you get in other cities are plenty of reasons to avoid the House of the Mouse while in Tokyo.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach is one of the most popular destinations in Florida. It sees huge groups of spring-breakers, NASCAR fans and bikers every single year. Most of those groups are a bit on the rowdy side, so you’re not going to get the peace and quiet you might be looking for in a beach vacation. The good news is that Florida has plenty of other fantastic beach locations to check out.

Stonehenge, England

Check out the reviews for Stonehenge on TripAdvisor and you’ll see a common thread. Many visitors are underwhelmed. It costs $23 just to get in and your view of the monuments won’t be that much better than if you’d simply driven by in your car, which will also be far less crowded…

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is one of the top two spring break locations in the world, and if hanging out with a bunch of drunk political science majors is your thing then have it. You’ll see a lot of drunks in the resort city, but you may see a lot of crime, too, as recent reports show that homicide rates increased by 118% last year. There are plenty of other great Mexican beach towns to visit.