Long Haul Flights and Making Them as Enjoyable as Possible: A How-to Guide

As wonderful as it is to travel, flying for hours on end can be incredibly exhausting. Not only are you stuck in a tiny seat, but then there are the joys of outside factors such as flight delays and airsickness. But the most challenging flights to deal with are the long hauls. Rushing through 5 or more time zones is torture for your body. But there are enough ways to give yourself the best possible flight experience given the circumstance, even when you’re flying coach.

The first thing to deal with is your physical body. Even though you can’t control turbulence and mediocre in-flight entertainment, you can take care of yourself to avoid suffering during the journey. The first thing to do is to keep yourself hydrated, inside and out. Drink at least two liters of water during the flight, but also don’t forget to moisturize. Be sure to coat your face with a thick lotion. Yes, you’ll look greasy for a little while, but your skin will thank you later. You can also goop up your hands to avoid cracking. This is especially important if you’re going to a cold destination.

Long Haul Flights and Making Them as Enjoyable as Possible: A How-to Guide

On the same topic, comfort during travel is vital, so wear something cozy when you’re on the plane. But please please please avoid velour tracksuits, instead choose pants with a hidden elastic waist and match it with a cotton top. We highly recommend taking along a pashmina that you can use as a travel blanket instead of the dubiously clean ones that are only sometimes provided. We also love to take fuzzy socks along in case our feet swell up in flight.

The best way to avoid airplane belly is to bring your own food. Combat bloating and other stomach issues by packing your own salad and granola bars. Airline food is notoriously over salted to counter the palate numbing effects of flying, so it really adds to digestive issues on board. Be sure to include leafy greens in your salad alongside high fiber vegetables like carrots and beets. Throw in some nuts and quinoa for an extra boost of protein and enjoy.

It’s also best to avoid caffeine on board as the acid wreaks havoc on your already strained body. If you absolutely must have coffee, try to wait until you’re about to get off the plane so you can at least attempt to catch some shut-eye during the long flight.

Long Haul Flights and Making Them as Enjoyable as Possible: A How-to Guide

Speaking of, one of the better ways to combat jet lag and pass the time is simply to get some sleep. You’ll need it to compensate for the exhaustion that often comes with vagabonding around a new city. It will also significantly help combat the bags under your eyes that are synonymous with sleep deprivation. The best tools to take with you to facilitate the process are an eye mask and some noise-canceling headphones. This way, you won’t need to worry about the crying babies disturbing your peace and quiet or the person next to you’s reading light.

Now that you’ve landed well-rested and refreshed, time to put yourself back together. Be sure to pack some face wipes so that you can cleanse your face of moisturizer residue. Don’t forget your travel-sized toothbrush and some deodorant to help you feel halfway human on the way to the taxi line.