Insider Tips From Cruising Experts

Cruising is one of the best ways to travel, with food, transportation, lodging and entertainment all for one price. However, if you are new to cruising, you sometimes don’t realize all the benefits you may reap while on board. Here are some tips from seasoned cruisers, so you don’t miss out on any of the benefits.

travelfuntu - cruise ship

1. From fine dining to buffet options, most cruises have it all. But, what many people don’t realize is how you can manipulate your order in the formal dining rooms. Many lines allow you to order appetizer size meals or multiple appetizers as your main meal. Furthermore, you are not limited to one appetizer, main meal and dessert. If you would like to try more than one, go for it!

2. Unfortunately, to the dismay of caffeine addicts, specialty coffee is normally an extra fee. However, the pastries and other foods offered at those on-board specialty shops may be free. Although it is not practiced throughout all lines, it doesn’t hurt to ask if you are craving that blueberry scone.

3. Having trouble deciding which night to make a reservation at one of the specialty restaurants? No problem. The menu of the formal dining room is normally planned a week in advanced. Ask the main help desk for the menu so you can choose which night looks least appetizing to you.


4. Are you looking for some real R&R on your cruise but the spa treatments are too expensive? Don’t fret. Many cruise lines offer discounts for first-day and port-day treatments. Discounts will normally be featured in your daily newsletter.

5. If you are a new cruiser, you are also new to ship cabins. You may be surprised to find how clever cabin designers can be to save space. Ask your cabin steward for a “tour” around your room. He or she may be able to show you some hidden storage areas or outlets.

travelfuntu - cruise ship cabin

6. Alcoholic beverages can get very pricey on cruise ships, especially if you don’t buy a package. Therefore, remember if you buy the souvenir cup you can most likely get it refilled for a discounted price. Also, if you buy a bottle wine and do not finish it, stewards can write your room number on the bottle and it will be waiting for you later. Finally, some lines do allow you to bring one bottle of wine or champagne on board. Check the cruise ship’s policies for more information.

Happy sailing!