The Disney Survival Kit: What You’ll Need For The Ultimate Disney Vacation

Visiting Walt Disneyworld in Florida is literally like visiting another country within the United States. With multiple parks and resort properties, you’ll need plenty of time to see and do everything. You’ll also need to make sure you’ve got the right supplies to get through your days with minimal frustrations. This list of “must-have” items will make sure that your Disney vacation holds up to the title of “the happiest place on Earth.”

Sun Protection

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Disneyworld in the summer or the winter, the Florida sun is brutal!  You’re going to be spending a lot of time in the sun—waiting in lines, watching the parades and simply walking to and from the various attractions. Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and apply it frequently. A good hat and sunglasses can also be lifesavers. Finally, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. You can save yourself some money by bringing your own refillable bottle instead of forking out cash every day for bottled water.

Portable Charging Device

Fact:  No matter how good you think the battery on your mobile phone is, it probably won’t make it through an entire “Disney Day” on a single charge. You’re going to be snapping photos, checking your social media while you’re waiting in lines, and using the MyDisneyExperience App to check wait times, map your routes to attractions and even set up your Fast Passes. Make sure you’re fully charged all day by packing an affordable mobile charging bank. These can usually be found for less than $30. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of mobile phone accessories, leave your selfie stick at home—they aren’t allowed in any of the Disney parks.

Hand Sanitizer

Because germs.

Appropriate Shoes

Good walking or running shoes are the way to go here. Flip flops are the official state footwear in Florida, but after a day of walking around a Disney park (sometimes close to 10 miles a day!), you’ll likely want to set them on fire. Instead, get a good pair of comfortable sneakers that you don’t mind getting wet.

A Backpack To Haul Everything

You’re going to want a way to haul your “survival kit” around, so a good backpack is vital. However, don’t go too crazy on the size because you’re probably going to be taking your bag on most of the rides with you—a manageable bag will be easy to retain throughout the day and save you from having to rent lockers every day.