Clothing Items Every Man Should Have In His Travel Bag

Whether you only travel once a year or you’re hopping the globe on weekly flights, there are certain clothing items that should always be in a man’s travel bag. Bear in mind, most of the items on this list aren’t necessarily anything additional you should pack, but for the most part, these are common-sense items that can serve multiple purposes and won’t take up much room in your bag. You’ll find that these items work equally well when visiting the tropical rainforests in Costa Rica or a late season tour of Mount McKinley in Alaska.

A (good) T-Shirt

Sure, you probably pack a whole wad of t-shirts when traveling, but for the purposes of this entry understand that there is a difference between a “t-shirt” and an “undershirt.”  Undershirts are usually plain cotton and to be worn under another shirt. A good travel t-shirt should be constructed of synthetics and maybe something like merino fiber to assist in wicking sweat and resisting odor. A solid color can be dressed up or down as needed, but the real benefit goes back to the material in the construction. You could easily get two or three days out of the same shirt without having to wash it.

Versatile Jeans

A good pair of all cotton denim jeans certainly has its place in life, but it might not be in your travel bag. When picking “travel” jeans, go for a pair that has a blend of nylon in the construction. They’ll breath better and dry faster in wet environments. They’ll also breath more and stretch, making them far more comfortable. Choose a color that will allow you to bum around in your t-shirt or dress up with a blazer if need be. Speaking of which…

A Blazer

A simple, lightweight blazer can act as an extra layer while visiting cold destinations and it can also help you avoid nasty looks from other patrons if you find yourself invited to dinner at a fancier establishment than you had planned for.

Gym Shorts That Aren’t Gym Shorts (But Sort Of Are)

If you’re planning to visit climates that will have you wearing a lot of shorts while out and about and you also plant to hit the hotel gym, save some space in your bag and pick a pair of shorts that can serve both purposes. Most stores offer “athleisure” shorts that are comfy enough to wear in the gym but stylish enough to wear around town.

Good Underwear

Another obvious choice, but be careful how you select your skivvies. The most expensive boxer briefs won’t necessarily be the most comfortable or the best for traveling. Check out the Uniqlo’s Airism Boxer Briefs. They’re extremely affordable, extremely comfortable have all of the wicking features that make many of the other items on this list a must-have.