This Crazy Travel Tip Might Just Change The Way You Fly With Your Kids Forever

An interesting topic has emerged among several travel sites lately. It has to do with a new trend pertaining to traveling with your kids. While there’s no shortage of tips and articles covering the topic of traveling with children, this new tip might surprise you a bit. Many families with multiple kids are finding that flying separately with their children—splitting up the family—is a more enjoyable travel option for all those involved.

Obviously, if you’re the only one traveling with multiple children this isn’t a possibility, but if you have another parent or adult that can accompany another child, the benefits make it worth considering. Here are some of the pros of traveling separately with your kids.

First off, there’s a good chance that you, your partner and your kids all have different “travel personalities.”  Some of you may like to sleep for the entire flight or read a book. Others may like to play games or just chat about various topics until the plane touches down. By splitting your group and matching similar traits, many families find that the collective experience is better for everyone.

If you have two children and each parent takes one child for their respective flight, it gives you a chance to direct your focus entirely on that single child. This makes it easier to comfort your child if they tend to be afraid of air travel. At a simpler level, it allows you to spend some one-on-one time together; something that’s getting harder and harder to come by in our modern age of smartphones and streaming services. Take advantage of the time together and have some conservations about what’s going on in your kid’s life.

A more tangible benefit of traveling separately with your kids is that it increases your flexibility when it comes to air travel. If you fly often enough, flight cancellations and delays are inevitable. A party of two can snag last-minute seats on a flight much easier than a party of four. This means that unforeseen hiccups in your plans are much easier to overcome.

This tip won’t work for everyone but if everyone in the family is willing, give it a try. You might be surprised at how much more smoothly your flight goes. You’ll have plenty of time to hang out as a family once you arrive at your destination.