California Residents Win The Award For People Who Like To Travel The Most

California tends to lead the pack in a number of areas, from conservation efforts to entertainment-related accomplishments. Most recently, California residents topped the list in terms of Americans who like to travel the most. That’s according to a recent study conducted by a Chicago-based marketing firm.

The study led by Digital Third Coast specifically looked at a Google analysis and measured how many and how often each state’s residents were conducting searches for travel-related items like airline tickets and travel websites. The study took the number of searches and averaged it out over the population of total residents in the state (as opposed to just the total number of searches). However, the study only measured the searches related to travel, not the actual number of trips actually taken.

With that in mind, Californian’s at least want to travel more than the residents of any other state. The rest of the results were pretty interesting, too. Connecticut came in at the number 2 spot, which might not come as surprise given how close most of the state’s residents are to major airports. Illinois, Nevada and Florida rounded out the top 5 spots. Alaska and Hawaii were also high on the list, which might seem surprising to some, given that these are two pretty popular vacation destinations. Why would anyone want to leave Hawaii?  It’s likely because there’s only so much that residents can see and do in isolated places like islands and the cold confines of Alaska before good old-fashioned cabin fever sets in.

Most of the states at the bottom of the list come from poorer parts of the country, where residents live lower on the socioeconomic scale and aren’t necessarily close to major airports. These states include Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia and Kentucky.

However, access to major airports isn’t necessarily the biggest driver. Texas and Georgia both have huge airports (Atlanta is the busiest in the world) but the states fell right in the middle of the pack in terms of interested residents.

Check out the study from Digital Third Coast to see how your state fared in the study.