7 Packing Gear Recommendations for Extended Travel

If you’re planning to take a lengthy vacation your packing methods and luggage choices are a little more critical than if you were only taking a short weekend trip. Weekend jaunts require only a small duffel and not much planning when it comes to packing. Extended travel requires a system. Here’s a list of 7 items to help you get hyper-organized when packing for your next lengthy trip:

Rule #5’s Packing Cubes

Rule Number 5 Packing Cubes

$25 will get you this set of four pouches, perfect for organizing your clothes, shoes, accessories or whatever else you normally throw haphazardly into your luggage. The pouches are built tough, and they have labels and mesh panel on the outside so you’ll be able to tell what you’ve got on the inside. Plus you can hang them up in the closet once you get to your hotel.

Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

The perfect carry-on luggage, the Everyday Backpack from Peak Designs is a perfect blend of style and practicality. There is plenty of cargo room, and multiple dividers allow you to configure the inside of the bag however you want, making it easy to organize and protect your gear.

Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter Garment Folder

Eagle Creek Pack It Specter Garment Folder

More formal clothing like suits, dress shirts and dresses usually don’t hold up to well after a lengthy trip inside of a suitcase. Save yourself the cost of a pressing at your hotel by putting your business attire in the Pack-It Specter Garment Folder form Eagle Creek. This bag will hold up to 15 articles of clothing and the folding board will keep them relatively wrinkle-free.

Zip Vac’s Ultralight Compression Sack

Zip Vac Compression Sacks

If you need to fit a LOT of clothing into your luggage, these compression sacks from ZipVac are the ticket. Simply place your clothing in one of the clear bags, seal it and then squeeze the air out. Unlike similar bags, you don’t need a vacuum and you can reduce the volume of your packed clothing by 60 percent.

Grand Fusion’s Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System

Stow N Go Portable Storage System

The Stow-N-Go will fit inside your checked luggage and most carry-on bags. It features shelving tiers you can use to organize your clothing and once you get to your hotel you can hang this piece of gear in the closet for easy and wrinkle-free access to the items you need. The bag also comes with a zippered pouch for dirty laundry.

Great Useful Stuff’s TechAway Travel Roll

TechAway Travel Roll

A must-have piece of gear for your carry-on bag, the TechAway Travel Roll will organize all of your electronic accessories like charging cords and ear buds, as well as important documents like your passport.

Will Leather Goods’ Professional Travel Kit

Will Leather Professional Travel Kit


Keep all of your hygiene and toiletry items organized with this trendy leather dopp kit. It features two zippered compartments and internal pockets for organizing all of your important items. The lining is waterproof, so it will stay clean for years and years’ worth of use.