3 Tips For Beating Jet Lag

3 Tips For Beating Jet Lag

Nothing puts a damper on a great vacation from the get-go like losing half a day or more when your first arrive because your body thinks it’s 4 a.m. despite it being the peak time for fun and sun in your physical location. At best, you waste some precious vacation time sleeping in your hotel room. At worst, you can actually suffer from physical ailments like headaches and digestion issues. Here’s a look at a few things you can do to help beat jet lag on your next long-distance trip.

Don’t Eat

Fasting is a tricky procedure. In most cases, “eating right” is one of the first tips offered for beating just about any ailment. However, when it comes to jet lag, fasting can actually make you feel better once you get to your destination. Here’s how to do it. Stop eating or drinking anything (water is the exception) about 16 hours before your plane is scheduled to arrive at your destination. If you can, pick a flight that gets in around 7:30 in the morning (local time) and then eat a big meal. You’ll find that by fasting you’re avoiding all of the crummy foods and additives that contribute to feeling lousy, like sugar, salt, caffeine, etc.


3 Tips For Beating Jet Lag

There are plenty of folks who go all-in when it comes to holistic health practices, and aromatherapy has long been a staple in that area. As it turns out, there may be some credence to aromatherapy reducing the effects of jet lag. In fact, there are some companies that actually sell aromatherapy kits specifically designed for jet lag. In most cases, you’ll apply gels or oils to the pulse points on your body every few hours during your flight and the scents are activated by your body heat. In turn, those scents help you to relax and improve your circulation.

No Jet Lag Pills

It’s probably no surprise to learn that there are actual supplements on the market that claim to reduce the effects of jet lag. The truth is, some of these homeopathic pills really can help you feel more refreshed and energized when you land at your destination. Look for “No Jet Lag” pills that are organic and don’t contain much other than herbs. In most cases, you simply pop a tablet every few hours or so during your flight. Some products have you continue the dosage every 12 hours or so after you’ve arrived at your destination (up to 2 days).