What to Expect When You’re on Your First Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Going on a hot air balloon for the first time is an incredible experience no matter who accompanies you. You can turn it into bonding time with a long lost sibling, a special date with your spouse, or a fun day out with friends. A fun side effect is that you just might be able to conquer your fear of heights, something that is near-impossible to do using traditional methods such as going on ski lifts.

There are many particular requirements for going on hot air balloons, some of which are relatively obvious. For example, it is crucial that you dress in lots of layers. Even if it is quite warm on the ground, it is generally quite chilly up in the clouds. Long pants are necessary, alongside a long sleeve shirt and a fleece. You most likely won’t be winning any prizes in fashion, but at least you’ll be warm and cozy while you enjoy the stunning views offered by your afternoon activity.

Something else to think about when you’re going on your first hot air balloon trip is the fact that you’re about to be much closer to the sun. It’s best to pretend like you’re about to spend a day at the beach and break out your biggest shades. It’s important to wear a good pair of sunglasses in general, but it’s especially useful when you’re on your first trip up in the clouds. Your corneas will thank you later when you aren’t seeing stars for the next three days.

What to Expect When You’re on Your First Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Once you have arrived at the launch site, the pilot will examine the weather and begin the launching process. The basket and the balloon envelope will be set up to that the wind helps the inflation procedure. Once the balloon has been checked and ready to inflate, a high-powered inflation fan will force air into the balloon envelope. The pilot will likely request the help of two passengers, which makes for a great photo-op! Just made sure that you don’t wrap any ropes or cables around body parts. Don’t try to be smart, just listen to the pilot and the crew to ensure your safety and that of everyone around you.

Landing is perhaps the most exciting part of your upcoming journey. The pilot will first locate an appropriate landing site based on time of day and geographical knowledge attained from flying in the area. The quality of the landings themselves may vary depending on the wind speed and terrain. For example, if the winds are calm, there will be a “stand up landing,” meaning that the balloon will delicately rest on the ground with little to no impact. On the contrary, in medium to high winds, the balloon may drag and turn sideways, in which case the gondola must be used to lean against in order to avoid injuries.

What to Expect When You’re on Your First Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Once the balloon has come to a complete stop, two situations may occur. If the balloon is still upright, passengers will be instructed to wait in the basket for some of the hot air to be released. This is a precautionary measure to ensure that the balloon won’t take off again after the dismount. If the balloon is on its side, passengers will easily be able to climb out of the basket. 

It is highly recommended that you celebrate your journey with your fellow passengers. Being on a hot air balloon with a stranger is a great way to make a new friend, so take the time to grab a coffee at the nearby facilities.