Top Travel Podcast Recommendations

For those of us who love to travel, it usually doesn’t take much to motivate us to put in for some time off, pack a bag, and hit the road. From movies to books, there are plenty of entertaining options out there which are guaranteed to get you searching for Airbnb’s within the hour. However, the popularity of podcasts has now given us a new medium for inspiration. There are countless travel-related podcasts available. Here are some of the best.

The Dirtbag Diaries

If you’re into the kind of traveling that has you surfing one day, rock climbing the next, and hiking through the Sahara the day after, all while protecting the planet, then The Dirtbag Diaries is for you. You never know who the team will be interviewing from one week to the next, but one thing is for sure: they all have a story to tell. The guests hail from all over the world and enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, which have them traveling like…a lot. Plus, most of them are working toward a higher cause, so it’s like a two for one podcast. You get to hear some epic travel stories but you also learn about some really worthy efforts that might just inspire you to get involved yourself.

Amateur Traveler

This podcast is one of the oldest you’ll find. The host, Chris Christensen, gives you a weekly episode that’s full of travel recommendations. What’s great is that it’s not just a list of places he thinks you should visit. You also get recommendations from locals as to what you should do once you get to those destinations.

The Splendid Table

For many of us, food is the driving force behind our travel plans. The Splendid Table is a podcast that’s dedicated to the Foodie. You’ll have no problem finding inspiration for your next vacation as you learn about new foods, restaurants, and cultures that will is sure to please even the most critical food lover.

Coffee Break

This is a great option for the international traveler, and it’s one that isn’t on a ton of travel recommendations. It gets its name because each episode is only about 15 minutes long—the perfect length for a coffee break. However, it’s the subject matter that makes it interesting. The point of the podcast is to help teach you a foreign language. The episodes come in a variety of proficiency levels. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you’re practically fluent in French, this podcast can help get you ready for your next trip to Paris.