Top November Travel Destinations

Each month brings with it new travel destinations that are especially appealing during that particular 30-day window. November is certainly no exception. From mild desert locales to snow-covered mountains perfect for skiing, this month’s list of best vacation destinations will give you plenty to ponder when it comes to booking a Thanksgiving getaway. Here are some of the best places to travel in the month of November.


The continent of Antarctica is what many consider to be the last pure land on the planet. The icy mountains and huge expanses of glacial flats make Antarctica one of the most beautiful places on the planet, too. As it turns out, summer in Antarctica starts in November, and that’s when tour boats start taking groups to the Antarctic Peninsula because the ice is thin enough to break through. November is the best time to visit, as the brutal window has dropped fresh snow and eliminated all traces of the tourists from the season prior.



If you’ve been waiting all summer for skiing season to arrive, November could possibly be your favorite month of the year. While not all epic ski destinations will have powder this early in the season, one location you can count on is Verbier, Switzerland. It’s got some of the best back-country skiing on the planet. You’ll also find some of the most picturesque hotels and chalets in the world. Not every location will have snow—you’ll have to travel to the higher destinations—but if you’re looking to beat the crowds of the peak season, November is an excellent time to visit.


If you’re looking for a little warmer climate this month, head to Phoenix, Arizona. The oppressing desert heat of summer should be long gone by now, and in its place, you’ll find more cultural and artistic events than you’ll possibly be able to do in a single visit, even if you stay the entire month. There are literally too many art shows, museums, restaurants, bars, and amazing hotels to possibly try to cover in one small article, so you’ll need to do a little additional research. But believe us, the extra effort is worth it!