Top Netflix Travel Shows

We get it. You love to travel, but unless you’re lucky enough to be a professional traveler, you probably spend the majority of your time working so that you can afford to travel, and the rest of your time you spend dreaming of your next trip. Sometimes living vicariously through someone else’s travel adventures can help ease the pain of not being on the road, and there is no shortage of travel programs available to watch. Here are some of the best travel shows available to stream on Netflix right now.

Tales By Light

If photography is an integral part of your travel activities, you’re going to love this show!  The program focuses on travel photographers and how they work. The program has two seasons available to watch now and each episode will take you to a different part of the world as you follow some of the best photographers on the planet. For those who are afraid that “photography” might be too boring for your esteemed adventurous heart, check out the episode where one photographer swims with anacondas in the Amazon.


Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach travel around the world, filming all of the shenanigans they inevitably find themselves a part of. There’s something fun about traveling with a buddy, and this show reveals just how fun it can be.

Human Planet

Watching this program can be a pretty humbling experience. Most of us are pretty brain-washed by modern technology and our cushy way of life. When you see how some folks live on this program, though, you’ll develop an all-new appreciation for human life on our planet.

Planet Earth

More focused on animals that Human Planet, this program features some of the most amazing natural wonders Earth has to offer. As far as nature documentaries go, this is probably the best you’ll ever see. The cinematography is some of the best ever captured, and while it isn’t a traditional travel show, it will certainly inspire you to get out there and see the world.

Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain and Parts Unknown is the undisputed king of travel programs, and you can watch all episodes on Netflix. Each show covers amazing people, food, and adventure. For the most part, every episode really shows you what it takes to have an immersive, enlightening experience in each destination.