Top 5 Travel Tour Operators In The World

It’s a sad truth, but for some travelers, the stress that comes with planning their vacation puts a strain on the entire experience before a single bag is ever packed. Given the number of things to see and do in and around the world’s top travel destinations, coming up with a plan can be a little overwhelming. That’s where a good travel tour operator can come in. They can help take the stress out of planning your trip and ensure that your days are full of once in a lifetime experiences. What follows is a list of some of the best travel tour operators on the planet, broken down by some of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

North America

If you’re looking to take a tour in North America, then Trafalgar Tours is the only way to go. The company features about 70 tours across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. It’s hard to find a destination, in these three countries, that doesn’t have a Trafalgar Tour available. The prices range depending on the activities, but many can be found for less than $1,000 per person.


When it comes to European Tour operators, Trafalgar Tours is just as impressive as it is in North America. Where it surpasses the North American tours, though, is the sheer number of tours offered. You can find nearly 350 different European tours offered through Trafalgar. You can find everything from city bus tours to multi-night stays in 10 different nations.

Latin America

For Latin American trips, Go South Adventures will take you to some of the most beautiful destinations available. You can find trips that will put you in the heart of the Amazon, Peru’s Inca Trail and the Galapagos Islands. You can find several options under $1,000 per person.


Pacific Delight World Tours is the undisputed king of Eastern tour operators. You can find options ranging from the South Pacific to Turkey, and the prices are just as varied as the destinations. Some options are as low as $500 per person, depending on the air and lodging options you choose for certain tours.


If your travel plans include visiting the great continent of Africa, African Travel Inc. is the best tour operator you can work with. Whether you’re visiting Egypt, South Africa or any number of countries in between, you can find plenty of affordable options for everything from hiking to full safaris.