This Mini-Camper Also Doubles As A Mini-Houseboat

Sometimes picking the perfect leisure hobby can be tough. For those who love the Great Outdoors, choosing between a camping lifestyle and the boating life can be a tossup. In many cases, personal finances dictate that we have to pick one or the other—we either buy a new camper or a new boat. Well, one German company has created a product that will keep you from having to choose!

The Sealander gives you the best of the recreational vehicle world. You get a trailer, a camper, and a mini-yacht all in one package. The pod-like vessel is constructed from reinforced material that’s both durable and lightweight, making it easily towable by smaller vehicles. After you’ve towed the Sealander to your favorite body of water, you simply attach an outboard motor to the stern of the pod and you’ve got an instant yacht.

The interior of the Sealander is essentially a giant Swiss Army Knife, with all of the amenities you’d need for a day on the lake or at the campsite folded away until you need them. There are two leather benches that can be combined to form a bed when you’re done for the day. A collapsible, fold-out table can be placed between the benches when you’re cruising the waterways and you need a break for cocktails and/or lunch. The roof is made of a moveable polyester material that is extremely breathable—something you’ll be thankful for during the hottest summer months. At night, the roof can be folded back so you can watch the stars as you drift off to sleep.

Price-wise, the Sealander is more reasonable than most boats and campers, individually, and a far better deal than buying both. A base model will run you around $19,600. However, you won’t get any of the amenities that the upgraded models offer, such as a fridge, barbecue, cook range, stereo, and toilet.

If the smaller pod isn’t quite big enough for your crew and you don’t mind spending a little extra, $67,000 will get you a larger (30-foot) CaravanBoat. This option gives you a separate living area and kitchen, plus enough space to comfortably sleep four people.