Uber Has A New Feature To Help You Determine If Taking Public Transportation Is More Affordable

Most of us have heard of Uber by now. Millions of people have used the ride service and can vouch for its value and ease of use. While the company has definitely shown how profitable it can be, money is ultimately not the only thing they’re concerned with. Instead, their priority is ensuring that its customers are getting the best transportation option available for their specific situation. That’s why Uber just launched a feature that guarantees that some of its passengers won’t be using their service.

Citizens of Denver, Colorado who frequently use Uber will now see a feature that can help determine whether you’re better off getting a ride with an Uber driver or taking public transportation. The new “transit” option in the Uber app will take a look at buses, rail travel, bikes, and even car pool options so that people can choose the most affordable option for them. The app will provide users with an estimated price, as well as estimated travel times for each transportation option.

The combination of public transit options with the traditional Uber ride services is giving people in an urban area like Denver plenty of options to get around in a time where the costs of owning and maintaining a vehicle are only getting higher.

The new app features will also allow users to see an estimate of how much walking they’ll have to do for each transportation type in addition to the wait times. That can be pretty important in a place like Denver, where winter temperatures can quickly chill you to the bone.

Uber’s move is the result of a partnership with Regional Transportation District, which handles all of Denver’s public transportation options. So far, Denver is the only city where the new feature is available, but there is a plan to launch the feature in other cities throughout the U.S. in the coming months.

However, if you live in Denver, you’ve likely experienced some of the frustrations that come along with a booming population growth, and that includes getting around the city.  Kudos to Uber for doing everything they can to ease that burden.