Plan Your Own Remote Vacations With Popup Hotel Suites

Have you ever walked through a forest or along a mountainous hiking trail and said to yourself, “man, if they would ever build a hotel here I would totally stay”?  Well, now you can actually make those dreams come true!

A company in Sweden has created a portable, pop-up hotel suite that can be built just about anywhere. Vipp has built a 600-square foot portable structure that perfectly blends the idea of camping with a hotel resort. This isn’t some hastily constructed, cargo container conversion either. The portable suite has two levels with floor to ceiling windows in each room except the bedroom and bathroom.

Vipp doesn’t just make portable suites. They make all manner of home fixtures and furniture, and their new product comes fully equipped with Vipp’s other products like tables, chairs, light fixtures, showers, and toilets. The shelters are big enough for four guests, and while it may be hard to order a pizza in the middle of a forest, you can prepare amazing meals in a full kitchen. After dinner, you and your guests can lounge around the fully functioning fireplace.

The shelters take about six months to actually build, but once you decide on a location, they can be set up in just a few days. As you might have expected, all of that portability and luxury comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Each unit costs around $565,000. The good news is that Vipp will let you try one of the shelters out before you commit to buying–for a price. Each year the company will rent out some of their already constructed units for about $1,100 per night. There are only a limited number of spots available each year, so if you’re truly interested, you should visit the Vipp website,

While this sort of accommodation is certainly not for everyone, if you have the means and an appreciation for modern architecture, you may be better suited for one of these structures from Vipp than a hastily constructed log cabin.