Most Luxurious Hotels In The Middle East

The words “Middle East” normally do not bring a thought of luxury to one’s mind. However, these hotels are breaking that stigma. Many of these extravagant hotels are extremely pricey, but offer some of the best amenities and most luxurious experiences on the planet.

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

travelfuntu - Emirates-palace-hotel

As the name states, the Emirates Palace is more like a royal residence rather than a hotel. Opulence is an understatement as the hotel boasts 114 decorative domes, 1,001 crystal chandeliers, and marble and gold trimmings. Some amenities of the hotel include a a gold bar vending machine, a luxury spa, private beach, marina, and several gourmet restaurants.

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

travelfuntu - Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The distinct sail-shaped hotel, the Burj Al Arab Hotel, is one of the tallest in the world. The hotels has repeatedly been voted the world’s most luxurious hotel (and rightfully so). The hotel offers some world-class services such as a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce, helicopter trips from the hotel’s helipad, a private reception on every floor and a host of personal butlers.

Qasr Al Sharq, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

travelfuntu - Qasr Al Sharq, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

As a part of the Waldorf Astoria hotels, one can expect the Qasr Al Sharq to be beyond luxurious. The 46-suite hotel pays homage to all things Italianate. Its ceilings have over 130 pounds of gold leaf and the main staircase features a chandelier fitted with 600,000 Swarovski crystals

Al Bustan Palace, Muscat, Oman

travelfuntu - Al Bustan Palace, Muscat, Oman

This Ritz-Carlton hotel, the Al Bustan Palace, is located between the Al Hakar mountain range and the Sea of Oman. Visitors will be blown away as soon as they walk in the doors. The hotel features traditionally attired Omani doormen who carry silver daggers on their belts. The 124-foot-high lobby contains rosewood, mother-of-pearl, gold leaf details as well as a 3-ton chandelier. However, the hotel has recently undergone renovations, with certain “selected outlets, recreation facilities and beachfront” to open in November 2017. So we can only imagine that this hotel may soon be considered the most luxurious in the world.

The Oberoi, Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt

travelfuntu - The Oberoi, Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt

The Oberoi was inspired by traditional Arabic designs and is located right on the shore of the Red Sea. The hotel offers open water diver courses as well as unique daily programs for children. The hotel features classic domed-ceilings and long corridors that are lit by Arabic style lamps.