Most Haunted Hotels In America

Hotels see thousands of guests each year. Each person visiting for different reasons all with a different story to tell. If hotel walls could talk, they could write a a more fascinating history (both good and bad) than most books. However, sometimes that history makes it way back to the hotel and never leaves. These are the most haunted hotels in America.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Los Angeles, California)

travelfuntu - hollywood-roosevelt-lobby

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is set above the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles and has welcomed many famous guests such as Clark Gable, Brad Pitt, and Marilyn Monroe (who lived there for 2 years). It is believed that Marilyn enjoyed living in the hotel so much that her spirit now haunts it. People report feeling cold sports and receiving mysterious calls.

Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, Colorado)

travelfuntu - stanley hotel

If you have read “The Shining” by Stephen King, then you are familiar with the Stanley Hotel. Located in Colorado, the hotel inspired King so much and know is the hotel of many people’s nightmares. Visitors can take a ghost tour which includes a five-hour ghost hunt and night tour.

Hotel Chelsea (New York City, New York)

travelfuntu - hotel chelsea

Built in the 1880s and located in New York City, the Hotel Chelsea has seen many notable residents since its inception – Stanley Kubrick, Bob Dylan, and Janis Joplin to name a few. However, the hotel has also seen some terrible tragedies. The Welsh poet and writer, Dylan Thomas was staying in room 205 when he died of pneumonia in 1953. Sid Vicious’ (of the Sex Pistols) girlfriend was found stabbed to death in the hotel in 1978. With the amount of success and tragedy this hotel has seen it is no wonder it is considered haunted.

Logan Inn (New Hope, Pennsylvania)


The Logan Inn was originally built as a tavern in 1722, but was later turned into a hotel. Visitors who are looking for a good scare should request room 6, known as Emily’s Room. Emily is the mother of a former owner of the building and it has been reported that in room 6 one can smell Emily’s lavender perfume as well as heat soft crying at night.