The Best Winter Travel Destination To Put On Your List This Season

It’s that time of year where temperatures start to plummet and many areas start to get the first snowfalls of the season. For many, this is the time of year where winter vacations are both planned and taken. If you’re looking for a truly epic getaway this winter, we’ve got you covered with a truly amazing destination. Meet Lapland, Finland—a winter adventurers dream!

Lapland is Finland’s northernmost and most heavily populated region (and that applies to both people and reindeer!). The first thing you should know about Lapland before you plan your trip is that it is COLD!  During the day, temperatures will often hang around -5 degrees, Fahrenheit. However, that cold weather also makes the region one of the best for outdoor winter sports.

This region is usually covered in snow for at least 6 months out of the year (so you have plenty of time still organize your trip). The winter sports don’t just pertain to skiing and snowboarding, either. Lapland is a great place to try your hand at ice climbing, as well as an alternative method of skiing or boarding by using a kite to glide over the ice and snow.

If the above activities still sound a bit too intense for you, you can always stick to the tried and true winter sports activities that are popular in the area, like cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. If you’re into a little quicker mode of transportation, you can always take to snowmobiles or sled dogs. There are plenty of tourism companies in the area that can take you out on the ice, some which include overnight stays in cabins.

There are also 40 national parks in the country, all full of wilderness for you to explore and max out as many SD cards as you can fit in your luggage!  Regardless of which activities you choose to fill up your days, you can end those days at any number of saunas. However, if you really want to fit in you must complete the whole sauna experience by hopping into an icy lake after warming up in the wooden hot room!