An Andy Warhol & Beatles Themed Hotel Is Opening In England

Fans of the 60s have something to rejoice about. A hotel inspired by the art of Andy Warhol and the music of The Beatles will soon be opening in England. What’s perhaps even more interesting is the other artists that are making it happen. The British band “The Libertines” are spearheading the movement to convert a Bed & Breakfast in Margate into something that artists, musicians, and fans of both can appreciate. They’re calling the eclectic space “The Albion Rooms,” named after the apartment in East London where The Libertines virtually resided in their early years.

The hotel will act as a living, breathing art space for fans of music and visual art. The hotel will have guest rooms, a bar, and a studio. Margate is an eclectic little beach town, located about 80 miles from London.

The Libertines plan to do more than just fund the renovating of the hotel. They hope to remain actively involved with the daily operations and have even said they’d pour pints for guests at the bar. That reputation for “pouring pints” preceded the band, as they’ve long had a reputation for being hard partiers, and many of the local residents in Margate were a bit concerned when they hear the news.

The hotel itself is still a bit of a mystery regarding what guests can expect to see inside. What is known is that there are five floors and only ten rooms, so guests should have plenty of space to spread out and appreciate the surroundings. The band has reported that each room will have a distinctive “Libertines” style.

The Libertines are already set up in the hotel and working on a new studio album. The album is expected to be finished this summer, and at that point, the band is planning to officially open the hotel with a launch party for their new album.

So, if you’re heading to London this summer and you’re looking for a fun weekend trip, and an opportunity to relive the raucous music and art-life of the 60s, a stay at the Albion Rooms should definitely be on your list.