How A Stranger Saved A Little Boy’s Disappointing Birthday Party

A Day To Remember

To say that Angel Kazanis was excited to throw a birthday party for her son Evan was an understatement. She decided to go all out and have the birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s and invited a number of Evan’s classmates. However, her son’s disappointment was impossible to hide as he realized no one was going to show up for the event. Fortunately, more surprises were in store for the day.

4th Birthday Party

Evan Kazanis and his mother, Angel, lived in New Jersey. That July, Evan was extremely excited as he knew that his birthday was coming up. He would be turning four years old and was very happy about it. That’s why his mother decided to throw him a party at the place he really wanted to go the most: Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Everything’s Ready

Angel Kazanis had done everything that she needed to do to get ready for the big day. She had booked his party in advance and gotten out all of the necessary invitations. In total, she said she invited about 30 kids to Chuck E. Cheese’s for the birthday party. She and Evan were both extremely excited about getting the fun started.

Excitement Turns To Disappointment

Evan was up early on the day of his birthday party and when the time of the party finally neared, he and his mother got to the restaurant to set everything up and wait for the little guests to arrive. The minutes went by and Evan continued to wonder when the other kids would show up, but after enough time passed, it was clear that none were going to come.

Sad Reaction

Evan has always been a happy little boy, which made his reaction to not having any friends come to his birthday party even more heartbreaking for his mom, Angel. When she was interviewed later, she told Inside Edition, “He was looking at the door. You saw the disappointment on his face.” Angel was beside herself with sadness for her son.

Attentive Employees

Fortunately, the staff at Chuck E. Cheese’s were noticing the situation as it took place, too. Evan and his mom were sad, sure, but they weren’t the only ones who were disappointed that the little boy didn’t have any friends at his birthday party. One particular employee, Taylor Inzinna, was upset by the fact that no one came to share the day with him.

Couldn’t Take Anymore

In an interview with Inside Edition, Taylor spoke about how upset she was and how she admired Evan’s mom’s reaction: “I immediately ran to the kitchen and was so upset. [Angel] was handling it so much better than I was. She held it together and never let Evan know for a second she was upset, which I think was super awesome.”

Time To Fix It

It wasn’t long before Evan and his mother, Angel, left the restaurant after the disappointing birthday party that nobody came to. But Taylor continued to think about the sad little boy. She started to think of an idea, and decided to invite Evan and Angel back to Chuck E. Cheese’s so that she could surprise them both.

Taylor’s Plan

Taylor decided to get on Facebook and tell her friends and family about her big plan. She told everyone the story of Evan’s sad birthday party and said that she wanted to make it up to him. She was planning on throwing him a second party, but she wanted her friends and family to help out by pitching in to get him some birthday presents.

Great Response

When Taylor shared the story of Evan’s birthday party, it really struck a chord with her friends and family members. In fact, she was able to gather about 13 gifts within just a few days from donations by her loved ones. To say that Taylor Inzinna was happy with the response to her kind request would certainly be an understatement.

The Big Day

A couple of weeks after the first disappointing party, Angel brought her son, Evan, back for a visit at Taylor’s request. This time, things would be much different. First of all, Evan arrived to find a huge pile of presents that were all for him. He was excited to see that there were so many people out there that cared for him as they did.

A Rewarding Smile

Taylor talked later about Evan’s reaction and how it made him feel. “The day he came back in, seeing the smile on his face was everything I wanted,” Taylor said. “I had one goal that day and my goal was to make sure that he left happy. And he left going, ‘Oh my God, mom, this is the best day ever.’” The birthday party was a success!

So Very Excited

As you might expect, Evan was completely floored and totally excited to get all of these presents on his trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Meanwhile, his mom was trying to keep it together so that her son wouldn’t wonder why she was crying. They were happy tears, of course. That made this impromptu Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday party much better than the first visit.

Like A Million Bucks

Angel admitted later, “I didn’t want him to see how this affected me,” as she was so relieved and emotional about the birthday party. “They made him feel a million dollars, like he was the most important kid in the whole world,” Angel said. She was an extremely grateful mom that day, and she had Chuck E. Cheese’s employee Taylor Inzinna to thank for it.

She Made Evan Happy

Angel was extremely relieved that her son’s fourth birthday party had been salvaged, but Taylor was just happy that Evan was so excited with the day. The little boy had finally gotten the birthday party he wanted. Taylor was extremely excited to share photos of the boy’s birthday party on Facebook, so her friends and family could see how happy they’d helped to make him that day.

Meeting With Chuck E.

In the photos, Evan’s joy and surprise are very evident as he rips open his presents and has an amazing time. He also got a special chance to hang out with Chuck E. Cheese himself! When she posted it on Facebook, Taylor thanked the friends and family that donated gifts and called it “the most rewarding day I’ve had in a while.”

Such A Special Day

In her Facebook post, Taylor Inzinna described the emotional day. “A week ago, this little boy had his party at Chuck E. Cheese’s and played alone. Today, Evan and his mom are having the best day ever,” she wrote. “Thank you so much to everyone who helped me make Evan’s birthday such a special day. My heart is so full and so, so happy.”

Heartwarming Story

It was great to see how not only Taylor, but her co-workers at Chuck E. Cheese’s and friends on Facebook came together to make Evan’s day special. She shared the story on Facebook to help everyone see how the day went, but was surprised to see the story go viral. Soon, people from all around were sending messages about how inspiring and heartwarming the story was.

Happy Gift Giver

One of her friends, Kayleigh Watters, had been one of the people to send Evan a gift for his birthday party. “Yay! I’m so happy this sweet little peanut could have the birthday he deserved!” she said after seeing the photos. “Thanks for putting this out to the Facebook world so we could all add a little love to their day.”

A Kind Human Being

Others were strangers who were moved by Taylor’s kindness towards Evan and his mother, Angel. “Thank you for being such a kind and thoughtful person,” wrote Craig Derrell in a comment on her post. “What you did for that little boy was just beautiful. You have made such a difference in his life and his mother’s. Thank you for what you did and continue to do.”