Famous NFL Quarterbacks: Where Are They Now?

Michael Vick Then

Michael Vick was a huge star at Virgina Tech, where he earned a reputation for being able to rack up yardage with his legs and his strong arm. He was taken first overall by the Atlanta Falcons and played well there, but ran into legal trouble and eventually would end up with the Philadelphia Eagles, where his star shone bright again.

Michael Vick Now

Vick starred with the Eagles for five seasons and made a return to the Pro Bowl during that time. As he got older, he played a season for the New York Jets before serving as a backup quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015. After that, he retired from the NFL and has been working as an analyst on FOX’s NFL broadcasts.

Matt Hasselbeck Then

Matt Hasselbeck played his college ball with Boston College and was drafted to the Green Bay Packers in 1998, but unfortunately they already had a pretty good quarterback by the name of Brett Favre. He was eventually traded to the Seattle Seahawks, where he led the team to six playoff appearances and a Super Bowl berth, to boot.

Matt Hasselbeck Now

Matt Hasselbeck ultimately played with the Seahawks until being traded to the Tennessee Titans after a contract dispute. He played in Seattle for two seasons and went to the Indianapolis Colts after that. However, he suffered a kidney injury against the Atlanta Falcons and had to stop playing. He now works as an analyst for Sunday NFL Countdown and appears to be done playing.

Robert Griffin III Then

Better known as RG3, the quarterback played at Baylor, with his stock rising so high that he was the second pick of the 2012 NFL Draft. He played for three seasons in Washington and was supposed to be the one to lead the team to glory, but his play suffered after injuries that he sustained while with the team, including a concussion against the Detroit Lions.

Robert Griffin III Now

RG3 played for the Cleveland Browns after leaving the nation’s capital, but hurt his shoulder in the first game of the 2016 season against the Philadelphia Eagles and was put on injured reserve and eventually released. He also got a divorce from his first wife, a fellow Baylor alum. He then married Estonian heptathlete Grete Šadeiko.

Daunte Culpepper Then

Daunte Culpepper struggled academically in high school but got his act together and improved at the University of Central Florida, playing well enough to get drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. He was the team’s main quarterback for five years and looked to be its long-term leader until he started to have problems with coaches and the front office.

Daunte Culpepper Now

Culpepper was traded to the Miami Dolphins, as the Vikings weren’t sure what Culpepper’s future would hold after his knee injury with the team the year earlier. He did play for the Dolphins but hurt his shoulder and was traded to the Oakland Raiders. He would also play for the Detroit Lions before retiring from the NFL entirely.

Donovan McNabb Then

Donovan McNabb was a legend at Syracuse University, even though he wasn’t a highly sought after quarterback out of high school. He was so successful in high school that he was taken second overall in the 1999 NFL Draft, and he brought that success with him to the Philadelphia Eagles, where he was the face of the team for ten seasons.

Donovan McNabb Now

McNabb would ultimately play one season for the Washington Redskins after leaving the Eagles, but he didn’t perform well and would end up on the bench. He also had a short stint for the Minnesota Vikings before deciding to retire from football entirely. He was working on ESPN Radio as an analyst, but a harassment investigation may have put the brakes on that career.

Rex Grossman Then

Rex Grossman was the poster boy for quarterbacks that analysts love coming out of college but that never really materialize into great NFL quarterbacks. He was vaunted for his great arm and downfield accuracy, but poor decision-making made him a polarizing figure with the Chicago Bears, even as he helped lead the team to a Super Bowl appearance.

Rex Grossman Now

Grossman left Chicago as a free agent and was signed by the Houston Texans, but he threw just nine passes for the team, including an interception in true Rexy style. He also played a year as a backup for the Washington Redskins, but ultimately couldn’t catch on as a starter in the NFL. He now lives in northern Florida with his wife, and they own an elderly nursing staff service.

Vince Young Then

Vince Young was a standout for the University of Texas, where he was seen as the next Michael Vick for his ability to pass the ball or run for first downs. He decided to go pro before he graduated and went to the Tennessee Titans, where he was to be the savior of the franchise. He played there for four years until 2010.

Vince Young Now

Vince lost his starting job with the Titans and ended up with the Philadelphia Eagles, where he thought he would be able to rebound as a professional quarterback. Unfortunately, it was not to be and he was replaced as starting QB after just three games. He tried playing in the Canadian Football League, but stopped after another injury. He now works with the University of Texas’ alumni outreach office.

Chad Pennington Then

The New York Jets took Chad Pennington in the 2000 NFL Draft, despite the fact that many analysts didn’t know if he had the arm to be a top-tier QB in the NFL. Along with five other QBs in that draft, he was taken before future Hall of Famer Tom Brady. He played in New York for seven years before he was released when the team signed an aging Brett Favre.

Chad Pennington Now

Chad’s next stop was Miami, where he played for the Dolphins for three seasons. However, in 2010, he sustained a career-ending injury during his third season in Miami. After his retirement from the NFL, he moved to Kentucky with his wife and three children. He has worked with Fox Sports as a football analyst, which keeps him busy.

Brett Favre Then

Brett Favre is a man that needs no introduction, especially in Wisconsin. His NFL career got off to a pretty slow start as he played for the University of Southern Mississippi before playing as a backup with the Atlanta Falcons. He found fame when he went to Green Bay, where he was the team’s main man for 15 seasons and won a Super Bowl.

Brett Favre Now

Brett Favre’s time came to an awkward end in Green Bay, as the team was ready to move on to Aaron Rodgers, but Favre still wanted to play. He went to the New York Jets and then the Minnesota Vikings, where he beat the Packers and became the first QB ever to beat every single NFL franchise. He finally retired from the NFL in 2010, though you can still see him in Wrangler commercials.

Doug Flutie Then

Doug Flutie was a heralded quarterback at Boston College, where he led the team to many huge upsets over schools that were favorites to win. However, even with his success, many teams thought he was too short to win in the NFL. He played for a number of teams before washing out of the NFL and going to the Canadian Football League, where he won six MVP awards and three Grey Cups.

Doug Flutie Now

Doug Flutie made an unlikely comeback with the New England Patriots in his later years and even won NFL Comeback Player of the Year. He also has the strange distinction of scoring the first drop-kicked extra point since the 1940’s. Flutie likes to travel as a retiree, playing with a band, running a New York City restaurant, and making frequent trips to Boston and Florida.

Trent Green Then

A former Indiana Hoosier, Trent Green was drafted to the San Diego Chargers but would actually end up playing in the CFL with the British Columbia Lions. He came back to the NFL and ended up being a sort of journeyman, playing for the St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs. With the Chiefs, he stayed five years and enjoyed some stability.

Trent Green Now

After his time with the Chiefs, Green ended up with the St. Louis Rams, where he played before being released from the team. Green retired from the NFL in 2009 and became a broadcaster, handling analyst duties for FOX, the NFL Network, and finally CBS. He also is CEO of his own charity, the Kansas City-based Trent Green Family Foundation.

Jeff Garcia Then

At San Jose State University, Jeff Garcia was a standout quarterback, but just like Doug Flutie he was considered to be too short for the NFL. He instead went to the CFL and played so well that the San Francisco 49ers gave him a shot. With the 49ers, he found stability and success, becoming the team’s starting quarterback for years before moving on to the Cleveland Browns.

Jeff Garcia Now

Garcia also played for the Detroit Lions, the Philadelphia Eagles, and finally, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before retiring from the NFL. Don’t feel bad for him – he’s married to 2004 Playboy Playmate of the Year Carmella DeCesare. They have four children together, and Garcia also keeps busy with his involvement with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

Brad Johnson Then

Brad Johnson was a two-sport star for Florida State University, playing basketball and football before ultimately choosing to focus on playing quarterback. It worked out well for Johnson, who was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 1992. He started out as a third-string quarterback but worked his way up to the starting job and even threw a touchdown to himself in 1997.

Brad Johnson Now

Brad Johnson was a bit of a journeyman, playing for the London Monarchs before coming back to the NFL. There, he played for the Washington Redskins, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Dallas Cowboys. In 2009, Johnson retired, having set records for single-season performance in Washington and Tampa Bay. He now lives in Athens, Georgia, with wife Nikki and two kids.

Josh Freeman Then

Josh Freeman played for the Kansas State Wildcats and was selected 17th in the 2009 NFL Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He stayed with the Bucs for four years before going to the New York Giants in 2014 via trade. He would also make stops in Miami and Indianapolis to play quarterback for the Dolphins and the Colts, respectively.

Josh Freeman Now

Although Josh Freeman is no longer in the NFL, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t still living out his football dream. He attended the Montreal Alouettes’ training camp and is still working to get back to the level he once played at with the Tampa Bay Bucs. Meanwhile, Josh’s father, Ron Freeman, was inducted into the Pittsburgh State University Athletics Hall of Fame.

Peyton Manning Then

Peyton Manning is on the shortlist of greatest quarterbacks of all time after his career at the University of Tennessee, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Denver Broncos. He won multiple MVP awards and a Super Bowl in both Indianapolis and Denver, endearing himself to the fans in both cities. He’s the owner of many NFL records.

Peyton Manning Now

Peyton Manning is perhaps just as well-known from his many commercials as he is from his prowess on the field. Despite some truly ugly reports about his behavior at the University of Tennessee, Peyton has been active in many charities in Indianapolis. He also owns and manages a number of Papa John’s pizza restaurants in Colorado.

John Elway Then

John Elway is one of the best quarterbacks to ever throw a ball, having spent his entire career with the Denver Broncos. He was a two-sport star in college that could reportedly throw a baseball over the outfield fence from home plate, but would really shine in football, as he led the Broncos to six AFC title games and two Super Bowl wins.

John Elway Now

Even though he hasn’t played for two decades, John Elway is still a big part of the NFL. He went into the Hall of Fame in 2004 and became the Denver Broncos’ executive vice president of football operations in 2011. He was a key part of the team’s move to sign quarterback Peyton Manning and often discusses the team’s strategy and personnel moves with the media.

Michael Strahan Then

Michael Strahan rose up the ranks pretty quick. He moved back to the US from Germany just in time for his senior year of high school and immediately rose through the ranks. Within a few years, he was playing for the NFL with the New York Giants. He made a name for himself in 1997 and pulled the world record for the most sacks during a single season. He has since left football and has got a slot in the Hall of Fame.

Michael Strahan Now

Since leaving Football, Strahan has been making waves in the world of television. Right upon his retirement he scored a sitcom deal with the show Brothers. It was an instant failure but he would have major success costarring Live! With Michael and Kelly. After working on the show for many years, Michael took a job with Good Morning America.