Four-Year-Old Adopted Boy Predicts His New Family’s Future

In The Beginning

The place was Memphis, Tennessee and a young mother was giving birth to a baby several months early. Not feeling ready for the responsibilities that come with parenthood, she decided to put her child up for adoption.

Premature Birth Issues

Being born so premature came in a slew of issues. Amidst baby Jeremiah’s issues was chronic lung disease. A lot of premature kids end up with lung disease. It is an issue that requires so much treatment. He wasn’t treated right upon birth but didn’t enter the hospital for treatment until 2017. With luck, the little guy would be able to pull through.

Children’s Hospital

Jeremiah’s health issues were nothing to be taken lightly and resulted in him have to have a tracheotomy tube put in. This required lots of medical attention and resulted in him starting a new life at Le Bonhuer Children’s Hospital. It was during this time that the medical crew in charge of taking care of him found out that he wasn’t just in need of treatment, but was also looking for a new family.

Keeping In Positive

One that separated Jeremiah from all the other children in the hospital was his positive attitude. Despite the pain the little child of been going through, he made light of the matter and still joked around with the nurses. He was well known by most of the staff and one of the popular patients in the hospital. His great attitude would end up taking him a very l0ng way.

Grabbing Attention

His positive attitude garnered so much attention. One of the individuals that was especially taken at the hospital was a young pediatric nurse named Jordon Dickerson. She would clock in day after day and tend to Jordan. Naturally, the two ended up forming quite the bond. As the love for one another grew, so did Jeremiah’s health. He began getting stronger and more functional.


Falling In Love

During an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Jordan told all about the bond between her and Jordon, “I knew there was something different about him. I couldn’t get him out of my head. I called my husband and said, ‘Pray that we can bring Jeremiah home.’” At that point, Cole, Jordan’s husband knew that their lives would be changing very soon.


Adoption Contemplations

Cole knew that his wife had her heart set on adopting Jeremiah. He knew that once she set her heart upon something that it was bound to happen. In the morning, when she got home from work, during meals and even at night in bed, she’s always be talking about baby Jeremiah. This wasn’t going to just someday end.

Jeremiah On The Mind

Jordan’s husband Cole had an interview with People magazine and he stated, “Jordan started to fall in love with Jeremiah. She told me about this little boy that smiled all the time and danced and was so much fun and they just connected. We were both on the same page, like, ‘Let’s do this! This little boy is up here, you’re falling in love with him and I want to meet him.’”

Cole Falls In Love

Cole decided to go to the children’s hospital ad visit Jeremiah for himself. It didn’t long for the endearing child to steal Cole’s heart. After a successful meeting, the young couple seriously began considering adoption. Sadly, the two just didn’t move fast enough and after a few months of consideration, little Jeremiah was snatched away by a foster family.

They Were Meant To Be

Jordan knew that they were meant to be and she said just this during an interview with Good Morning America, “I knew that he was supposed to be our son. So I was confused and upset.” They were absolutely destroyed by the news of Jeremiah getting picked up, but they had to move on with their lives. The went to work every day, celebrated holidays, their first-year anniversary and birthdays. Then one day they received some very shocking news.

The Return Of Jeremiah[/post_page_title]

Jeremiah had been returned to the Children’s Hospital as quickly as he had left. Jordan’s hopes skyrocketed and she couldn’t wait to tell Cole the good news. They were now determined to adopt Jordan. With that, they began the difficult task of training to be foster parents. It wasn’t easy, but after a lot of check-ups, they were eventually told that they could foster a child.

Living The Jeremiah Dream

Jordan and Cole’s dreams had come true in June of 2017. That was the month that they got to take home Jeremiah and welcome him into their family. For a solid the 13th months the trio couldn’t get enough of each other. Then something very unexpected and shocking happened on July 16, 2018. It was something that would change all three of their lives forever.

The Day Everything Changed

For over a year, the Dickerson family lived happily with Jeremiah as their adopted son. It was in July of 2018 that they decided to end their foster relationship and officially adopt Jeremiah and welcome him into their family permanently. Mass amounts of joy was pouring out of the Dickerson home. Cole told People magazine, “It was very exciting and thrilling. It was a long time coming for [the adoption] to happen so we were high on emotions.”


Picture Perfect Family

Cole couldn’t hold back his excitement while being interviewed by People magazine, “We were ecstatic to finally make it official. Jeremiah was excited about it, as much as a four-year-old could grasp. He was like, ‘We’re already family!’” Jordan vented her happiness by taking to Facebook and posting the news to all her friends and family across the world wide web.


Jordan’s Facebook Post

Jordan logged onto Facebook and left the following status update for everyone to see, “The day we’ve been waiting over a year for!” Jordan wrote. “The court system finally caught up to what we already knew to be true. Jeremiah Evans Dickerson is officially ours! We have dreamed, waited, and prayed for this day for such a long time. It was even better than I ever dreamed it would be.”


Special Thanks

While Jordan let the whole world in on her excitement via social media, she had a special thanks to give to the people who actually helped her. “I’m so thankful for our family, friends, and phenomenal support system throughout this entire journey. You all are irreplaceable in our book!” While on the courthouse step, Jeremiah stepped up with his own statement.


Jeremiah’s Message

As the Dickerson’s posed for pictures in front of the courthouse for the first time as an official family, little Jeremiah held up a sign that touchingly read, “Today I became a Dickerson. Up next… big brother!” Yup, there was an extra surprise that came wrapped up with Jordan officially becoming a member of their family. He was going to be a brother. Jordan was pregnant with what would now be their second child.

Jeremiah’s Prediction

According to Cole, Jordan’s pregnancy was predicted by Jeremiah. He told People magazine the following, “Jeremiah one night was praying and was like, ‘Thank you, God, for my mommy and my daddy. Thank you for my baby sister in a couple of weeks.’ We were like, ‘What did he just say?’ Three or four weeks later, Jordan surprised me one night and said, ‘I just took a pregnancy test, and it’s positive.’”

Jordan Gets Praised

Upon Jordan’s announcement that she was officially adopting Jeremiah, she received a ton of praise and support from her friends and family on Facebook. Robin Crouther stated the following, “I think [Jeremiah’s] a very lucky young man to have people like you to love him so much. I wish there could be more people like you. Congrats to all of you. God bless.”


Perfect Home For Jeremiah

Robin’s comment was only one out of tons. Linda Buchanan also went onto Jordan Facebook and praised the new family. “Beautiful!” she wrote. “Congratulations on [the] adoption and [the] baby on the way! God bless you, your family and entire support system!” This was certainly a friendly start to a brand new life.


Sister To Come

Being an only child is no walk in the park. Jordan is ecstatic about his sister who will soon be joining them in January of 2019. They are soon to be a complete family and one cannot even begin to wonder what the future will hold for this family. Jordan is excited about all the things that two siblings can do together. At the end of the day, two heads are better than one.

Breaking The News

Cole told People magazine how it was breaking the news to Jeremiah that he was going to be a big brother. He said, “When we told him, he said, ‘I knew it!’ He says, ‘I can’t wait to teach her to play basketball and baseball, and dance and sing.’ He wants to teach her to do everything that he likes to do.”

One Special Kid

Most kids can’t predict things and most kids aren’t as cool as Jeremiah. There is definitely something very special about this kid. We think that Cole and Jordan hit a parent goldmine with this kid. Perhaps he will give them lots of happiness for years to come. That said, what future can the two parents actually have planned for young Jeremiah?

Cole And Jordan’s Future

Certainly, Cole and Jordan will make amazing parents for young Jeremiah. While most parents can’t exactly choose what child they end up with, they got to fall in love with a person they knew and adopt them as a child. In essence, the two of them ended up landing the child of their dreams. I’m sure for them they couldn’t ask for anything more.

Jeremiah’s Future

Jeremiah’s adoption has given his a completely new lease on life. As a member of the Dickerson family, he’ll surely have a promising future ahead of him. His adoption will no doubt go down as one of the most important days in his life. Surely he went from a foster kid in the hospital to a member of a loving family.