The Badass Woman Of NASCAR In Real Life


When most people hear NASCAR, they probably imagine male drivers in racing suits speeding on the track. However, in recent years the motorsport has become female friendly. Especially since NASCAR has made efforts to have more woman drivers. From single moms to models turned NASCAR drivers, we covered them all. These women are fiercely strong, both on and off the track. Today we’re going to see these girls off of the track and see what they’re wearing on the red carpet. You absolutely won’t believe these are the same girls driving those cars.

Natalie Decker

Being only 21, Natalie Decker is amongst some of the youngest ladies in the world of NASCAR. That said, her journey started a lot younger then you’d think. As a child, she wanted nothing more than a go-kart. She begged her father for one.

He like anyone else alive just couldn’t resist that face bought her one at the age of nine. She immediately began winning championships. She had racing in her blood it seems. Thing is when she knew what she wanted to do with her life.

Natalie Deck In Real Life

At the age of 20, Decker made her NASCAR debut and immediately established herself and force to reakoned with. While she doesn’t have many wins to her name at the moment, she is always improving and will no doubt be one of the major names in the future.

She didn’t just get into racing out of the blue. The whole family actually has a history in racing, but it isn’t racing cars that they are driving. They actually have a huge love for snowmobiles. Being from Wisconsin, this young lady knows a thing or two about snow.

Hailie Deegan

Hailie Deegan is definitely breaking records with how young she is. Take a guess at how old you think this young racer is. If you’re saying 17-years-old, you definitely are right. Racing is a dangerous sport. We wonder if her parents are going gray whilst watching her.

We’ve all seen some horrible disasters over the years. A lot of parents might have second thoughts over letting their kids take place is such races. She made her official racing debut this year and has already scored a win. This is really big news.

Hailie Deegan In Real Life

These racers don’t just go to college and decide that they want to take on a career as a racer they actually practice their racing abilities for years and years and begin to obsess over it. Hailie first began racing on dirt bikes when 10-year ago at the age of seven.

She started breaking records and getting wins back in the days when she was competing in the junior leagues. Her dad is actually also famous in the world of racing. He is Brian Deegan an X games competitor and is a fame motocross racer. We guess speed runs in her family line.

Courtney Crone

Courtney Crone is thee child racer. The celebrated 17-year-old started racing at the age of four and has participated in 15 seasons thus far. Talk about something very impressive. She is good at what she does at well. This teen has taken home 16 championships.

Given her young age she has so much more to accomplished. We can’t even imagine what this young woman has in store for us in the next couple of decades. She is going to open up a totally new era for the world of racing. She currently 20 years younger then everyones favorite female racer.

Courtney Crone In Real Life

Courtney personal life isn’t very different from any others teens once you look beyond her being some hotshot racing champion. She still goes to school and church on an almost regular basis. She is actually quite the believer and takes part in many church events.

We wonder if she will continue racing full time into the future or take a massive break to study in university. Doing so would be a huge blow to the world of racing, but we’re almost certain it would be the right move to make. We shall wait and see.

Isabelle Tremblay

Isabelle Tremblay has many hobbies- modeling, knitting, and gardening. But one of her biggest hobbies is racing cars. Tremblay is the only woman to compete in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series. In one interview she talked about the experience,

“Once you’re on the track, it’s not woman racing men. It’s all about drivers racing other drivers. The guys don’t play nice with me because I’m a girl. The same rules apply for everyone.” She is definitely one of the best females in the league right now.

Isabelle Tremblay In Real Life

Here she is in a daring red dress at a red carpet event. The young racer also managed to pose in front of her favorite car. We need everyone to know just how impressed we are with her dress. Most woman can’t easily pull off a red dress, but she does it with style and grace.

Given that most of the time her face is covered by a helmet and her body is seated in a speeding car, we rarely get a good look at these drivers. There is so much we don’t know about them. One would never suspect it, but Isabelle is actually a single mother.

Christmas Abbott

Although Abbott only worked with NASCAR for a year, she managed to grab the media’s attention as she became the first woman ever to work with a NASCAR pit crew. Her ability to change two 60 pound tires in just 12 seconds impressed many.

However, she is no longer at NASCAR. Her leave shocked many NASCAR fans. Today she is a fitness celebrity with more than half a million followers on Instagram. She is especially known for her Cross Fit abilities. That’s one strong woman!

Christmas Abbott In Real Life

For someone who started off just changing tires and checking up on cars, this young lady was able to make a serious impact on the masses. She was noticeable. Something about her was very different from the other ladies storming after the cars as they pulled up.

That fame has definitely taken her places. Here she is at a red carpet event and she is dressed rather casual for such an event, but your getting your hands dirty with motor oil, who the heck needs to find the time to pick out a fancy dress.

Ashley Busch

This list wouldn’t be complete without wives of NASCAR drivers and we’ve brought along the best of them. Ashley Busch is the wife of Thomas Busch, a NASCAR driver currently competing in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

The two met through Ashley’s sister in 2014, and it wasn’t long before they got engaged. While most would say that Thomas was lucky, we’d say that it was the other way around. Ashley is a professional polo player, model, and businesswoman. What a multi-talent!

Ashley Busch In Real Life

You catch her along at most races sitting on the sidelines cheering on her husband as he makes the full circle around the track. Given the kind of job it is, we imagine she often finds herself in an extremely nervous state. We wonder if he took her on for one of the rides.

If you feel like you aren’t seeing enough of Ashley on the track, you can definitely find her on social media. She is known for showing an array of different sides of her personal and social life. It should shock nobody that she has a mass following.

Candace Muzny

Candace Muzny was surrounded by cars when she was as young as three weeks old. As she continued to grow, her path became clear: she wanted to be a race car driver. In one interview in the Bleacher Report, she described this passion,

“I put my dreams deep in my heart until I got older and wanted to pursue it to see where it would take me. I wanted this more than anything ever before.” That’s the kind of motivation that leads to success! We think she’s seen her fair share.

Candace Muzny On In Real Life

Candace Muzny is full of amazing potential. In a career that spans over a decade, Candace only has one win to her name, but wins aside, she always shows potential by coming out amongst the top contenders. At the end of the day, winning is no easy feat.

She knows the glory of a win as she experienced it back in 2007. She has been an official NASCAR racer for only a few years, but given her great dedication to the sport, we think that she will be around for years to come and even go on to be considered a great.

Hanna Zellers

Hanna Zellers is like anything ever before seen in the racing world. Firstly, she is only 21 years old but already both a model and NASCAR driver. When she was a kid, she would always watch racing on television. She has had much luck in her NASCAR career.

For example, only between 2010 and 2012 she achieved 20 wins! Zellers is also successful in her modeling career and has done some beautiful photoshoots. She has almost 40,000 followers on Instagram and a net worth of about $400 thousand!

Hanna Zellers In Real Life

Something tells me that this young lady isn’t going to stay in the world of NASCAR forever. Given the many followers she has on social media and the high demand she brings from the crowd, it is only a matter of time before Hollywood gets their hands on her.

We can surely see this young girl getting started making guest appearances of prime-time television and then eventually breaking into a show of her own. It happens with athletes all the time. After the establish themselves with a sport they turn to acting.

Sherry Pollex

Sherry Pollex is the girlfriend of NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. Not long ago, she found out she has cancer. For some this would absolutely heartbreaking. However, through her adversity, she is able to help others in need as well.

She has been working to raise money for other cancer patients and serve as a source of strength for others. Recently, she has announced that she underwent her final chemo treatment and is on the road to recovery. We should all feel thankful for this.

Sherry Pollex In Real Life

One of the major things that make recovery so easy for this woman is the fact that she is surrounded by a loving support system. Being married to a man like Martin really does come with some upsides and it isn’t just about the fame that comes with it.

He is known in the NASCAR circle to have a very giving heart and he has given to a lot of charities in the past. We think she’s going to beat cancer and stick around for many years to come. We’ll sure be happy if she does.


Ashley Parlett

Whoever says women can’t fix cars obviously hasn’t met Ashley Parlett. Parlett, only 33 years old, is a professional mechanic for one of NASCAR’s top teams. But that’s not all- in the past, she was a stunt and sprint car driver herself. She knew as early as 13 years old that she wanted to be a race car driver. However, at age 21 she discovered her true passion- race car mechanics and has been pursuing it ever since. Recently she got engaged to car chief Ron Malec. Congrats!

Shawna Robinson

Interior design and NASCAR? Seems like an unnatural pairing. But it works for Shawna Robinson. Robinson began her successful racing career back in ’83 and since then has managed to participate in the NASCAR Cup Series and all three of NASCAR’s touring series. In between races, Robinson would get in touch with her creative side and design homes. In 2005, after more than twenty years of racing, she decided to retire and shift her focus to interior design. Talk about multi-talented!

Kelly Sutton

Kelly Sutton began racing karts when she was just ten years old. However, at the age of sixteen, she battled multiple sclerosis and had to put her career on hold. Yet her inner drive never failed her, and in 1992 she returned to action by participating in the Old Dominion Speedway. During the following years competing in the series, she competed in various races and was even titled as the Most Popular Driver. Being a NASCAR driver while battling multiple sclerosis is not an easy thing to do. Respect!

Jessica Brunelli

Jessica Brunelli knew she wanted to race cars since she was a little girl. When she was eight years old, she watched her first race and immediately knew she belonged there. As soon as she got her driver’s license, she began working towards that goal. In 2009, she was titled as the youngest driver in the NASCAR Modified Series and the youngest member of NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program. What a go-getter!

Tina Gordon

Tina Gordon began racing with her husband Gary’s stock car in the mid-’90s at the “Green Valley Speedway.” Later on, she started racing full time, and in 1999 she joined NASCAR’s All-Pro Series. Following a successful career with numerous competitions, she decided to retire in 2005. Nowadays she is dealing with a different travel method: horseback riding. She opened “Tina’s Dream Ranch” which helps kids with special needs through horseback riding: almost like NASCAR but a bit slower…

Mackenzie Ruston Hemric

With a dirt bike racing father and a dirt track racing step-grandfather, it is no wonder that competition is something deeply rooted in Mackenzie. In high school, she was a volleyball, soccer and basketball player. However, that was just the beginning for her. She later became a professional stock car racer. In 2013, she became the first woman to join the “NASCAR Next” program, and later she became a member of NASCAR’s “Drive for Diversity.” Recently, she married NASCAR driver Daniel Hemric.

Maryeve Dufault

Before the age of nine, Maryeve Dufault already broke both her arms while racing. But nothing can stop this French Canadian, and as she grew up, she became a tough race car driver at NASCAR. She has raced in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series and Nationwide series. However, Dufault not only races but also models. Back in 2000, she won the Miss Hawaiian Tropic International beauty pageant.

Janet Guthrie

If you have ever visited a “Smithsonian” museum, you might have come across Janet Guthrie’s race suit and helmet. Guthrie, a retired NASCAR driver, was one of the first to be elected for the “International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame.” She is the first female race car driver to participate in both Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500. Although she actually began her career life as an aerospace engineer, she chose to be a NASCAR driver instead. It seems it was the right choice for her: her highest finish is considered one of the best female scores at a top-tier NASCAR competition (tied with Danica Patrick).

Diane Teel

Diane Teel has a love for anything with wheels. At the time she began her career as a race car driver, she was also a school bus driver! She made history in 1982 by being the first woman driver to compete in the Nationwide Series. She ended up competing in eleven series, making it to two top-tens. However, in 1986 she retired from racing and continued her initial job as a school bus driver. With a former NASCAR driver in charge of the school bus, we bet the students are never late to school.

Erin Crocker

Erin Crocker was athletic both in high school and college. She played tennis, soccer, and varsity lacrosse. Later on, she decided to enter the world of motorsports. Crocker has participated in 39 NASCAR National Series. Today she is married to her former boss Ray Evernham. In the past, Evernham owned the team “Evernham Motorsports” and was an analyst for ESPN’s NASCAR coverage.

Patty Moise

Ever wondered who was the first NASCAR couple? It was Patty Moise and Elton Sawyer. The two met through NASCAR after sharing a ride to a race in 1990 and have been together ever since. Moise’s racing career lasted fifteen years. However, while she was able to prove herself as a woman driver, she struggled to get lasting sponsorship and ended up retiring.

Ethel Flock Mobley

Ethel Flock Mobley was tied for the second woman driver in NASCAR. Her whole family was passionate about the motorsport. Her three brothers: Bob, Fonty, and Tim are known as NASCAR pioneers (the Flock brothers). In 1949, Ethel raced against them. The race is considered the first NASCAR event to include both a brother and sister and the only event to include four siblings. Another fun fact- she was supposedly named after the gasoline her father used in his car.

Mara Reyes

Reyes is a Mexican stock car racing driver. She began her career in 1991 when she was only 14 years old. At the time, she participated in the regional championship and was the only female driver out of the 35 drivers. She finished in the Top 5. In 2005 she continued making history by being the first Latin American woman to compete in the NASCAR Bush Series. When she’s not busy racing cars, she can be found giving inspirational speeches.

Chrissy Wallace

At 19, Chrissy Wallace was already making history by being the first female driver to win at the Hickory Motor Speedway. Her father is NASCAR driver Mike Wallace and in 2011, she became the first woman to win an American Speed Association. In 1990, her father won the championship at the same track. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Amber Balcaen

Amber Balcaen is a third-generation race car driver from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She is the first Canadian woman to win a sanctioned NASCAR race in the USA. She was also titled the rookie of the year in the Whelen All-American Series. Balcaean is also a business graduate from Red River College and has a high understanding of marketing- a skill that surely helps her when trying to get sponsors.

Amber Ruch

Amber is Angela’s twin sister. She too has had much success on the track. In one interview on “Herhighway” the twins were asked what it’s like to be women in the auto industry; “Five years ago we would say it was very difficult to break into the auto industry, but now it’s more inviting then it’s ever been NASCAR needs females in the sport.” That’s inspiring!

Kristin Bumbera

Similarly to many other successful NASCAR drivers, Bumbera started racing karts when she was just eight years old. In an interview on “Pivot Point”, she described how it all began: “I went to the race track and saw them race. I was sitting in the stands thinking, ‘this is pretty cool’ and my dad said, ‘you don’t want to do this, this is no fun, you might as well go oval track racing.  You can go much faster on an oval track.’ As soon as he said ‘faster,’ I was all in.” Since then she has had over 16 wins and became the first woman to win a late model race in Texas. Amazing!

Johanna Robbins

Johanna Robbins started racing at NASCAR in 2009. One of her great achievements is winning the pole position at the Snowball Derby. Her and her husband, Hunter Robins, share the same passion; he is a motorsports engineer and track driver. Recently some funding issues have put her NASCAR career on hold but hopefully, it won’t be long before she returns to the track!

Milka Duno

Duno is a Venezuelan model turned NASCAR driver and thus has attracted much attention. Besides these skills she also has a master’s degree in organizational development, marine biology, naval architecture, and maritime business. At some point, she has worked as a naval engineer. And if that’s not enough, she also broke a record and achieved the top finish for a female driver in the 24 hours of Daytona. It seems you can have it all!

Mackena Bell

Mackena Bell is the only female to graduate from NASCAR’S Drive for Diversity program. Not many women complete the Nationwide Series yet Mackena Bell is one of them. During the Drive for Diversity program, she managed to complete six races. However, a few years ago she crashed in two races and since then hasn’t returned to the series.

Paige Decker

Paige Decker loves extreme sports. She comes from a family of snowmobile enthusiasts, so as a kid, she would race snowmobiles. Today she is a well known NASCAR driver. In 2014, she was titled as NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity driver. Not only is she a top NASCAR driver, but she also holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.


Jennifer Jo Cobb

Jennifer Jo Cobb is definitely a pro when it comes to NASCAR- she has been racing for almost 30 years now. Not only is she a racecar driver but she is also a team owner. One reason for her NASCAR obsession may be that her father, Joe Cobb, is a NASCAR driver himself. In 2015, she crashed due to cell phone usage during a practice and was fined $5,000. However, that didn’t stop her and today she competes in the NASCAR Camping World Truck and the Nationwide Series. To top it all off, she is also a public speaker in her free time.

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick has been titled as a pioneer for women in motorsports. So far she is the only woman to win in an IndyCar Series race. She is also the second woman, since Shawna Robinson in 1994, to secure a pole position in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. While she has publicly stated in 2017 that she plans to stop racing, she is currently still competing.

Angela Ruch

Angela Ruch and her twin sister Amber became the first twins to race in one of NASCAR’s top three series. The two are nieces of Derrike Cope, also a race car driver and winner of Daytona 500. Angela currently competes in the NASCAR Xfinity Series with a Chevrolet Camaro. She has had many successes on the track including first place at the Lucas Oil Can-Am 150 as well as at the Tri-cities Gold Cup.