The Sad Truth Behind Jacinta Kutnetsov And Jonathan Scott’s Split

Jonathan Scotts had it made, but he had one big problem for a very long time. The handsome, charming man would be a catch to anyone. That said, he just couldn’t find someone who would be with him. Then he met Jacinta. Things seemed so complete in his life for the first time. The couple was one of Hollywood’s most beloved power couples. Everyone was taken by their story and following them on social media. Then one day it suddenly ended, John was heartbroken and the whole world wondered why. Today we will tell you why and finally bring to light the truth.

The Scotts

Before they were one of reality television’s hottest stars, Drew and Jonathan Scott were just two kids living in Vancouver, Canada. Their father was an immigrant from Scottland and he made sure that the boys were raised in a creative household.

He definitely played a huge role in their future stardom. He would take them to local art shows, buy them creative toys and even take them on long nature hikes. He would even encourage their interest. Not everyone had such supportive father figures.

Born For Stardom

At a very early age, Jonathan already showed great potential for performing. According to relatives, he had personality and presence at the age of seven. This is very rare. Most kids have zero personality by the age of seven.

His father saw this spark and put both of his kids to work while still young children. Jon and Drew teamed up as child clowns. While they loved performing, they weren’t big fans of the makeup. Soon they were known all throughout their little town.

Embracing Magic

While many won’t probably beieve this, one of John’s earliest loves was for magic. At one point he was seriously considering a career as a magician. He dawned the name Jonathan Silver and took his magic very seriously.

The young John stated that if he couldn’t make it in the world of magic, then he’d do something else in the world of entertainment. He probably never saw himself as a reality television star back in those days, but it was going to happen.

Prep Course To His Passion

John and Drew’s father wanted nothing but the best for his children. With that, he’d enroll them in multiple courses and try to spark their interest. One of these prep course touched John in a very personal way. Ultimately, it’d become his life path.

He and his father drove to Alberta, Canada and helped build a dream home for his parents. As the house was completed, John himself felt truly complete. He knew what he’d be doing with his life. This was truly the start of something great for this young man.

Double The Mind Power

Often growing tired of living in each other’s shadows, twins often go their separate ways in college. Drew and Jonathan decided to combine their strengths and interest in real estate and become a sensation. Afterall, two heads are better than one.

Hand in hand, the two went to the University of Calgary and approached degrees in business management. This is where they would really begin to shine. They did something that few would expect from a pair of college freshmen.

Zero Distractions

While most of us go to college and party hard, the two brothers kept their eyes on the bigger picture. They put down and down payment and bought property right across from their school. They sublet the house after tearing things down and essential repairs.

After a year of experimenting with the house, they sold it and earned $50,000. At the time, the two couldn’t see the fame that was ahead of them. it was obvious to some others though. Professors on campus definitely saw huge potential for these two.


Natural Performers

Over the next decade, Jonathan and Drew built a powerful business. Their ambitions pushed them to open up their own real estate business called Scott Real Estate. These two guys weren’t even thinking small when they made this business either.

Their business covered everything between Canada and Las Vegas. Being in Vegas took Jonathan back to a time when he longed to perform. The two brothers wondered if they could ever realize their childhood dreams of being actors and performers.

Going Hollywood

All their years in business took them full circle into the world of performing. Television producers heard about these two handsome brothers in the real estate business and decided to give them an opportunity.

What resulted was a show called Property Brothers. It was a show that featured these two brothers helping people find properties and make them into the homes of their dreams. They even take into account their clients budgets.

Household Names

Property Brothers was perfect for the brothers. They were able to practice their love for real estate and embrace their passion for performing. Given their charms, they immediately became household names in the world of reality television.

They garnered millions of fans in a very short time. Television was only the beginning for these brothers. They went on to have success in radio, books, acting and even music. They also had a number of spin-off shows. The had hit the big time and were thriving in it.

Lonesome Brother

On the show, it came up that Jonathan Scott was still single. Many fans wondered how it could be. He was a charming, handsome and very wealthy man. Most girls would hope to swoop him up in a minute. The fact that he was a bachelor stood out a lot.

Many wondered why he wasn’t married. If a lady were to marry him, she definitely become an instant celebrity. She would also be set for life and would never have to worry about working again. She’d be living the good life for the rest of her days.

Love Comes To Town

For Jonathan, his love all started at a charity event in the year 2015. Jonathan paid little attention to the event because he was very distracted by a blonde girl across the room. Some can say that it was love at first sight.

He especially loved that he spotted this young woman at a charity event. Much like him, this young lady also cared about animal and human rights. Things like charity are right up his alleyway. He loved nothing more than giving back to society.

The Search Is On

Unfortunately, she got away that night and Jonathan was left in a world of wonder. Before he would look her up, he wanted to know a little bit more about the woman. He learned that her name was Jacinta Kuznetsov.

He had no direct way of contacting her so he began following her on Instagram and wondering when to make a move. He thought for days and days about what to say to this woman. How could he be taken seriously and not be seen as just another face in the crowd?

Think Things Over

Jonathan wasn’t exactly the type of guy to approach a pretty girl by writing her on social media, especially one with as much class as her. He sat at home going crazy and going over all the different ways that he could contact her. He even talked to his brother about it.

Sadly, it seemed like the option he had was via Instagram. Months went by and all the while he loomed over her Instagram account and hoped for a way. Then he finally decided to message her. His moment of truth was here and now.

The Results

Jacinta said yes and the two were on their way. He immediately started planning for their first date and he was absolutely bursting with excitement. Sadly, it didn’t go according to plan. He struck out completely with her and failed to impress her.

As a method of knowing her better before the date, Jonathan asked her a ton of question and his straightforward manner proved to tire her out. She stated that he asked the worse questions. From that point on she was considering never seeing the guy again.

Jacinta Has Second Thoughts

Seemed like he had messed up big time, but he wasn’t ready to give up yet. It was very apparent that she just wasn’t very into him. He cut their date short and quickly asked if he could have a “do-over” for the next night.

Things weren’t looking very good Jonathan at that moment. It didn’t matter how much money he had, he needed to think quick. He walked around the block and tried to form the ultimate plan in his mind. What could he do to win this girl’s heart.

Second Time Around

Jonathan was absolutely shocked when Jacinta accepted his offer for a second date. Before she’d give him that second date, he’d have to promise to not ask so many probing questions. This was going to be hard for a guy like John as he was very curious.

Most girls would have taken that first date as an immediate reason to never see this person again, but Jacinta was open to a second chance. The second date ended up going absolutely great. He had taken an amazing step in the right direction.

Love Has Come To Town

That second date led to a third and that third one led to many more. He decided to take things very slow. They’d meet and just enjoy the company of one another. This was the perfect route for the two of them. Everything just fell right into place.

Before Jonathan knew it, he was in the relationship of his dreams. Between his amazing enterprise with his brother and his relationship with Jacinta, Jonathan’s life looked pretty perfect. He couldn’t believe how happy he was. It was something he had never felt.

Power Couple

Jonathan and Jacinta made one heck of a hot power couple. When they decided to break to the news to the public, one can imagine how many female fans were heartbroken. John was known as the heartthrob between the brothers. Once the news it was out, it was out.

The young couple did not hesitate to take social media by storm. John’s fan base fully embraced the beautiful couple. They were ecstatic for his happiness. Everyone was tired of seeing John alone. It was really nice to see him with a new love.

Jacinta Hits The Silver Screen

Once the relationship was in full bloom, Jonathan often had Jacinta on Property Brothers. This was a move that really changed her life forever. The fans immediately took to her and had been waiting for the moment when she’d appear before the cameras.

Drew had been dating Linda Phan for some years now and he would also have her on the show from time to time. The two girlfriends made quite the impact on the screen. Soon they would be considered major parts of the show.

Going On A Getaway

In December of 2016, the young couple took things a step further and went on their first romantic holiday together. This is always the sign of a relationship taking it to the next phase. The two of them escaped the Canadian cold and took off for Maui.

It was the perfect location for him to ask her to marry him. Fans followed closely to Instagram with the hopes of getting some big news about the couple. Everyday his Instagram followers would sworm his page and look for that special moment.

Not Married

To the dismay of many fans, there was no ring on Jacinta’s finger and no plan of a wedding in sight. Many of their followers were puzzled by the lack of a ring. What could have been more romantic? Seems like maybe someone just wasn’t ready.

During an interview with People, Jonathan confirmed that he in fact was planning to marry Jacinta and he wanted to have children with her. Perhaps he was speaking a bit too soon. The two of them have never discussed any of this.

Taking It Back

Looks like Jonathan made a mistake by speaking for both of them. A few months after his People, Jonathan went on record and took back his remarks. He replaced his talks for marriage and instead said that the two of them were taking things slow.

He also said that they had been dating for actually a very short amount of time. This sudden talk had a bunch of fans wondering if they were missing something. Suddenly rumors were spreading and people were talking. What was really going on in this relationship?

Four’s Company

Things took a turn for the hopeful. Drew got engaged to Linda Phan and she moved in with the two brothers. Shocking the world, Jacinta also moved in with the brothers. It left for a rather interesting situation. Imagine the four of them cooking meals together.

Two brothers both living with their girlfriends in the same house. The fans were very hopeful that their relationship was going forward. It seemed that the four of them were living this very Full House kind of existence.

Calling It Quits

In April of 2018, Jonathan shattered the web when he posted a beautiful picture of him and Jacinta playing with baby elephants. Who can ask for more than that.  It wasn’t this amazing picture that caused the shock, it was the caption that came with it.

The caption said that the couple was calling it quits. He left a long statement that stated nothing negative about his ex-girlfriend. Next, the fans await Jacinta’s response. Many people were already anxious to bash her for breaking john’s heart, but they’d feel different after her response.

Jacinta’s Statement

Jacinta just reposted what Jonathan had written. Fans were amazing that no cheap shots were taken at each other. They spoke with nothing but affection and love. Rarely, do people split with nothing but positives to say about each other.

Jonathan assured the masses that the couple would remain good friends. However, inside he was completely ravished by losing her. He had high hopes that she would be the one and ultimately they would seal the deal and get married to one another.

His First Wife

Turns out that Jonathan had a little secret that had been long concealed from the mass of his fans. It was something he didn’t like to dwell on. It would bring up too many feelings of pain and anguish. That said, he knew that he had to be open about his life.

However, Jacinta knew about this part of his life. Jonathan had been married before. John and this mystery woman had dated for five years and were married for two. Things ended very badly for the two. John never fully recovered from that breakup.

Moving From Drew

Some may argue that the relationship took a strain when Jacinta and John moved away from the house they shared with Drew and Linda. For most, this would seem like a major step in the right direction for a relationship, but not for theirs.

John suffered though. Drew had been his partner for life and being away from him so long probably took a toll on him. No doubt, being away from Drew made John feel like a major part of himself was missing. He needed to be with his brother.

Toll On Jacinta

Being with a top-notch celebrity no doubt will bring on some major issues. She had to give up a lot of her private life when she decided to be with a celebrity. This definitely has to hit some people quite hard. You never know what you have until its taken away.

Jacinta had to give up her job and settle for a production position on her boyfriend’s show. Jacinta was losing her whole identity to her boyfriend and taking on her life while John took on zero of her life. He was completely thriving with his careers.

Emotions Running High

Just one month after going through a rough breakup, Jonathan had to attend his brother’s wedding. This definitely had to feel pretty bad. He, of course, had the role of best man and during his best man’s speech, things took an emotional high.

He swayed off the topic of his brother and began getting wrapped up in his own emotions. He even went on to say that he “had not been so fortunate in love” and burst into tears. Everyone was silent and people went on to pat his back.

Jonathan’s Future

While the break up was extremely shocking for everyone including John, there is an even more surprising revelation. Jacinta and John are still very good friends. In fact, she still works on John’s production team at Scott Brothers Entertainment.

These two are truly great examples of how great a break up can be. Things don’t have end with plates flying over your head and vicious words were said at each other. Two people can shake hands, split ways and still be amazing friends after everything.