The Strange Story Of The Worst Wheel Of Fortune Player


What’s She Doing?

Wheel of Fortune has been around for decades, and longtime fans of the game show probably feel like they have seen it all. However, they were in for a surprise one day when a contestant started to behave very erratically during the final speed round. Of course, it would all make sense before long, but at first…

Veterans Week

On many occasions, Wheel of Fortune hosts special events to change things up and add a little extra fun to the proceedings. This was the case for Veterans Week in 2015, which was set to honor military veterans from the United States. Current and former military members would be featured in all of the week’s episodes.

The Participants

The episode in question took place on November 10, 2015, which fell on a Tuesday. The Monday episode had gone just fine and there was no reason to expect anything different for the follow-up. The contestants that day were going to be Steve, Troy, and Nura, who again, had all served in the military at some point in their lives.

Clear Winner

Sometimes in Wheel of Fortune, a clear winner emerges pretty quickly. This was the case on that particular day, as Nura had earned $13,970 already. Meanwhile, Troy had accumulated $4,300. Steve had not been able to win anything, which of course probably isn’t all that fun, despite all of the excitement of being on TV.

In The Bag

The speed round began, and it started normally enough, with Troy guessing the letter “T,” which is always a pretty safe bet. The clue was “What are you doing?” (which would soon be ironic), and it was a two-word answer. Soon, the play went to Nura, and everyone waited to see which letter she would guess.

Catch Some Zs

The turn passed on to Nura, who had been absolutely dominating that day, and instead of guessing a letter like R or L, she guessed “Z.” The audience got quiet and tried to figure out why she would guess that letter. The other contestants looked at Nura as if they couldn’t figure out what she was thinking, either.

Did He Hear That Right?

Normally, Pat Sajak is pretty self-assured during Wheel of Fortune. After all, he’d been hosting the show for decades. However, this answer was strange and he wanted to make sure he heard it right. “Did you say Z?” he asked. She confirmed it, even saying, “As in ‘Zulu'” to make it completely clear.

Play Continues

With Nura’s guess failing to turn up any Zs on the board, the play went back to Steve. Steve guessed R and Troy guessed S, with both being fortunate enough to find their letters on the board. Now, it was back to Nura, and at this point everyone was extremely excited to see what she would guess. It would be a huge shocker, indeed.

The Loneliest Letter

To everyone’s surprise, Nura did something even more unprecedented this time: she didn’t give an answer at all. After play went around again, Sajak looked at Nura intently, trying to figure her out. This time, she picked a letter, but it was one of the loneliest letters that’s barely ever in a puzzle: the letter “Q.”

Confusion Spreads

Back in the 1980s, people might have telephoned one another to check out the crazy woman making horrible guesses on Wheel of Fortune. In 2015, people took to Twitter to openly question just why Nura was making these awful choices. However, nobody could really figure it out, and they just continued to watch.

Strange Choices

Nura had turned from a savvy player to a strangely clueless one in no time flat. As a result, Sajak was a bit incredulous. As he turned to her for another guess, he couldn’t help himself. “I wonder what latter Nura will call?” he asked. She kept the poor pick streak going, this time choosing the letter X.

No Dice

As you would expect, Nura’s latest guess wasn’t any better than her previous choices, still failing to turn up any letters on the game board. What’s worse, she decided yet again not to make a guess whatsoever during her last turn, and she continued to sit with no money earned during the round.

Steve Wins

Play returned to Steve, who had enough letters to be able to solve the puzzle, which was “Following Footprints.” It was Steve’s first win of the entire game and gave him $6,400 to go home with. Nura seemed quite pleased with the turn of events, and everyone started to put two and two together as a result.

Looking For Answers

Pat Sajak couldn’t let Nura’s terrible play go unexplained. He made his way over to her and asked her if she could explain why she picked such strange letters. “That’s what I saw,” was all she said in response. What could Pat do? He wasn’t convinced, but noted that “she’s not under oath” and he couldn’t make her tell the truth, either.

Happy Winner

It started to become clear what had happened as the results were announced for the day. Nura had bombed the speed round, but still won $13,970 and advanced to the final in the process. Best of all, Steve would finally have a little something to take home with him. Fans started to figure out what she had done.

Was She Being Nice?

Nura never said anything to this effect, but it was quite clear to the viewers that she had purposefully bombed the final round to ensure that her fellow participants would each be able to take home some money. This would definitely be a nice gesture, especially during an event like Veterans Week.

Immediate Praise

The reaction on social media was immediate. Many users started to praise Nura for what she did and say that it was a great move. “Just saw the classiest move on Wheel of Fortune,” write Jeremy Pond. “Nura threw the final puzzle to let a fellow military person win it. Much respect.”

Charitable Act

Nura’s charitable act was not lost on other viewers, either. It seemed that all kinds of people were showing support and appreciation for the way Nura had played. “Never saw someone throw a round so everyone could win some money,” wrote a Twitter user by the name of Retro Ranger.

Rooting For Nura

Nura definitely had the support of the fans watching on TV after her classy move. She moved on to the last round to try to complete the final puzzle. Unfortunately, she was not able to do so, as the last puzzle was “By Appointment.” She ended up missing out on the grand prize of $33,000 in the process.

A Happy Day

Still, Nura was quite pleased with what she had achieved on Wheel of Fortune that day. She would go home with nearly $14,000 in prize money and said she planned to visit Belize with her earnings. Meanwhile, Pat Sajak echoed viewers’ thoughts by telling her that she had made everyone very happy that day.