Shocking Photos From The Past

Today we’re going to present you with pictures of our past that will shock you. Things were quite different in those days and in some ways, even more, wilder and exciting. These pictures are going to take you into that far off time and make you feel as if you were right in there at this very moment. Prepare to be quite shocked by what you see. This is the past that you never expected. A world that isn’t so far behind us. After these 30 pictures, you might just look at modern times a bit differently and even see that people from the old days were a lot like us.

Familiar Face

Before she became an icon, took over Hollywood and stole the hearts of men all over the world, Marilyn Monroe was named Norma Jeane Doughtrey. She was just a normal American girl of 1940s. She even worked a normal job during her early years.

Norma spent her days learning some basic skills at a factory located in Van Nuys, California. She looked so happy at her normal job that you couldn’t even imagine her leaving that job. That said, fate had a different idea in mind for this star.

President Of Style

Pictured below is a very young Barack Obama. Sporting that afro and dark shades, it’s hard to believe that the former president of the United States was once just like us. He was just a kid trying to be cool like everyone else. We wonder who his two friends are.

This is before he became a politician and had to learn the tricks of the trade, a certain way to speak, the hand gestures and facial expressions. Here we have a completely natural Barack Obama. This is before he became one of the most important figures in the world.

Ahead Of Her Time

Weightlifting wasn’t exactly a huge thing back in the 1950s. You did have bodybuilders who would lift, but regular guys weren’t doing it and especially not women. This is where Marilyn Monroe was ahead of her time. She knew that she had to keep very healthy.

She knew how healthy life was for her body. It is also said that the star used to do squats, bench presses and other types of lifts. This is probably why Marilyn was such a hit sensation. She wasn’t just a pretty face, but also a very healthy body.


Back in the 1980s and 1990s, there were no other stars who had a career competition quite like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can go on for hours listing the action movies of that era and who made the biggest booms.

They always liked each other on a personal level and the photo below definitely shows that. When it came to life behind the cameras, the two were bitter rivals trying to out blow the box office. That didn’t mean that they had common respect for each other.

Lucille Being Lucille

While her Hollywood career didn’t start in comedy, Lucille Ball soon found out that it was what she did best. The reason for this is that the actress never took herself too seriously. She wasn’t afraid to let loose in front of her fans and show a human side.

While many actresses would refuse to get dirty and take part in some slapstick comedy, Lucille was all for it. It was her openness that allowed her to climb to the top of Hollywood. Today, Lucille is considered a Hollywood legend.

Now That’s A Hit

Those are a lot of legends in one room. While The Beatles can be claimed to be the best thing to ever happen in rock music,  Muhammad Ali is definitely claimed to the best boxer. We wonder if they ever thought that they’d be as a big as they’d become.

Placing these giants in pop culture together definitely leaves for a historical picture. What’s even more amazing is that all of these individuals made money off of making hits. We wonder what Paul and Ringo think when they see this picture today.

The Great Houdini

Harry Houdini is known the world over as one of the great magicians and escape artist of all time. He started off small by freeing himself out of handcuffs. The masses were amazed by the feat, but this was only the beginning for the great Houdini.

Pretty soon he was freeing himself while being submerged in water, hanging upside down and all kinds of other traps. His greatest escape had to be when he buried himself alive and escaped. Pictured above is the genius himself.

Just For Kicks

Pictured below is Marilyn Monroe kicking a soccer ball at a 1957 soccer game between the United States and Israel. Wearing such a tight dress probably left for quite the challenge when kicking the ball, but she actually kicked the ball quite well.

Back in the 1950s Marilyn Monroe wasn’t just a beloved actress, model, and symbol, she was representative of the women of the United States of America. She made appearances at a variety of events and was considered the greatest actress in Hollywood.

Up Close And Personal

Anyone who had ever watched a movie can guess what these guys are doing. They are filming the lion which appears during the opening credits of movies under the MGM studio. For all we know, he might be the first lion to ever pose for the shot.

Can you imagine how these guys felt having work whilst so close to that lion. They had to be a little nervous. We’re hoping they got paid handsomely for their work. You have to be well paid if your going to be putting your life on the line for a job.

Ladies’ Man

Anyone who was around the 1980s and early 1990s will fondly remember Andre The Giant for his work in the WWF. He had epic battles with Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. He was also in the beloved movie The Princess Bride. 

Andre was always huge in size, but when he was young he looked so much more normal. Look at how far those arms go as he stretches them above the toweled beauties. Andre is definitely one of the most beloved giants to ever walk the planet.

Man’s Best Friend

No matter the decade, dogs have always been there for the people that they’ve considered their friends. Look at this cute dog hold up his owner by the jacket. He makes the child feel assured that he will not fall into the pond while trying to get his golf ball.

This dog is a prime example of how good dogs have been to us throughout the years. One can’t help but think of those Our Gang movies from the 1930s when they look at a photo like this. Dogs and children both appeared to be so different back then.

What’s He Whispering?

One of Marilyn Monroe’s greatest movies is 1959’s Some Like It Hot. It was made during the later days of her career when she was becoming increasingly difficult to work with. This picture might be a direct result of this period.

We have the movie’s director Billy Wilder whispering something in the Marilyn’s ear. Look at his eye, look in her eyes. Is she hearing a threat or perhaps he is coming onto her. We will never know, but we wouldn’t be surprise if that was what was happening.

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941 is a day that will live on in infamy. It was on this day that Pearl Harbor suffered a surprise attack by the Japanese. Photographers on the scene shot many photos of the event including the one below.

What you are seeing here is the USS Shaw exploding. You can almost feel the vibrations of the explosion when looking at this photograph. This was truly capturing a moment in time that will never be forgotten. This is a day that changed things forever.

Tea After The London Blitz

People the world over admire this British woman’s reaction to one of many of Germany’s bombing on London during WW2. This woman isn’t hysterical, she just sits on the rubble of her home and drinks some tea. In England tea comes before all.

What a London Blitz reaction! One has to wonder where she got the tea and how she prepared it in such a place. There is tea in every English household so maybe she just found the tea ingredients lost in the rubble. No tea is left behind..

Bessie Love Sits

Besides for the black and white colors, this 100-year-old picture can very well be on a modern-day girl. You are looking at silent film icon Bessie Love. She was in dozens upon dozens of movies throughout the 1910s and 1920s.

She was even nominated for one of the best actress awards. Once sound became big, her career slowed significantly and she never rose to the same heights. This was the fat e of a lot of actors back then. If they didn’t have the voice, they were kissing their careers goodbye.

One of Johnny’s Favorites

Pictured below is Carol Wayne. She doesn’t have a huge list of films that she appeared in but was a recurring guest on the The Tonight Show. She was a beloved Hollywood personality and a huge star. Anyone from that time will surely remember her.

Amongst many of Johnny Carson’s guest, she was his favorite. This photo was taken during her last appearance on the show. A year later she’d pass away under mysterious circumstances in Mexico. Hollywood truly lost a gem when she passed.

Sharon Tate Alive

Sharon Tate was the wife of Roman Polaski and one of Hollywood’s rising stars back in the late 1960s. Sadly she would never get far on her journey to stardom. In August of 1969, she passed away at the hands of Charles Manson.

It was the controversial crime that brought the famous madman to light. This photo was taken the year before she died and capture the true beauty of this actress. Sadly, today she is most famous for her connection to Manson and not her acting.

Walking The Tightrope

Here is another picture of a fearless woman. This time we’re taking you to Cologne, Germany in 1946. You can really see the destruction the city took in during WW2. The wounds of war were still fresh here and would be repaired fully until the 1980s.

Perhaps distracting folks from the ravaged city around them, she has decided to walk a tightrope between two buildings. This is truly something beautiful. We hope that she made it across to the other side of the rope in one piece.

Only Destruction Remains

This is another historical photo from December 7, 1941. This time we aren’t showing you the attack, but the hopeless aftermath.  You can see behind the wreckage, one American ship that is ready for war. You can be assured that this shit took off to fight shortly after this was taken.

The day prior nobody could have ever imagined such an attack happening on American soil. This was the move that officially put America into the war. They would go onto help the Soviet Union win the war and bring peace to Europe.


Secret Assembly

Back in 1988, things were really heated between the United States and the Soviet Union. That said, one could not easily know what the government was working on. When it came to Soviet Russia, their secrets were completely locked and sealed from the public eye.

Access into this Kazakhstan was forbidden, but one brave photographer took a chance and decided to quietly snap some pictures of what was being worked on. Appears that they were building two rocket ships to take into space.

Working Boys

Working is never easy, but we can’t complain when we look back to what young boys had to go through back in 1911. Boys as young as 7 were sent to work in the coal mines just so their families could eat some food.

The labor was both strenuous and incredibly dangerous. Nobody would really want to know what these kids had to witness on a daily basis. These kids likely worked a lot harder than most adults today. Look how stressed and mature their faces look.

A Real Queenie

Those are indeed two nice looking ladies skiing, but now look up and you’ll see the real attraction. Yup, that is Queenie elephant rocking skis of her own and speeding down the river. This amazing elephant is known to have loved to water-ski.

She would never resist a chance to hit the waves. Resisting doesn’t exactly mean that she loved it, but despite that, it is an amazing historical picture. We’re quite sure that this elephant is actually in tears while chained to that thing.

No Traveling In Cuba

What we have here is Cuba’s own Fidel Castro. Here is him stepping away from the title of leader for a bit for a game of basketball. This is him during a trip to Poland. While he did decided to play the game, it looks like he doesn’t know how to dribble.

It is good to know that Cuba’s leader knew how to have a good time and play some basketball. We rarely see world leaders in this kind of manner. Usually they are dressed in their best suit or military outfit and are completely stiff.

Tsar’s Last Photo

What your looking at here, isn’t some guy in Utah with four wives and a couples kids. What we are seeing is the final Tsar of Russia Nicholas II with his wife Alexandra and their four daughters and son. This picture is completely iconic.

The world in Russia was in turmoil when this picture was taken. Rasputin was having supreme influence over the Nicholas’ wife and his whole empire was slipping away to Lenin and his communism. This is one of their last family photographs.

Ride Of Your Life

Let take a look back to a time were safety regulations meant very little and performing dangerous stunts would only bring excitement to a crowd. This picture is special. This guy is testing out a roller coaster in progress.

As fun and dangerous as this looks, this man didn’t volunteer or have to do this for his job. He is a death row inmate and was forced to tackle this high-risk stunt against his will. We wonder if these were his final moments of life because this looks dangerous surely.

The First Bikini

Upon first glance, many people will wonder what was happening in this picture. Is this old referee looking guy putting the moves on this young woman? She doesn’t look too bothered by it if that be the case. Thankfully, that isn’t the case at all.

This is Louis Reard and he is helping this girl model his newest creation, the world’s first bikini. Little did this man know, his creation would end up taking the entire world by storm. This man definitely deserves more recognition for his gift to the world.

Space Chimp Survives

Meet the chimp that set history into motion. While Russia sent a dog to space and was unsuccessful in bringing him back alive. The people of the United States sent Ham the Chimp to space and against all odds brought him back with him still perfectly healthy.

Here is a picture of this space monkey holding a paper with his image. As you can see, he is quite pleased with himself for staying alive. He couldn’t look anymore happier. The chimp is even smiling in the newspaper photo. This definitely a classic picture.

Audrey And Her Fawn

Being an actor doesn’t of you just going from studio to studio and acting out a part. These actors have to do things to prepare for this role. For her role in Green Mansion, Audrey was asked to spend time with a fawn named Pippin before filming started.

The two got along great and ultimately Audrey would end up adopting Pippin and keeping him on a long term basis. Owning a deer really does beat the heck out of having one of those little dogs that modern day celebrities shove in their purse.

A Giant Stingray

Before we started polluting the seas and fishing everything out, our oceans were definitely wilder. Look at how massive this stingray is. The picture below was taken in 1935. The world was much cleaner back then and animals thrived a lot more.

Normally, we’d question if it was legitimate or not, but since that it was from that long ago we can stand assured that it couldn’t be photoshopped or faked. This man holds nothing back as he puts his hand upon this giant beast.

River Of Booze

This waterfall isn’t an ordinary waterfall and doesn’t come with that same beauty you’d get from nature. That said, it is probably the best waterfall there ever was. This was taken during the prohibition era, one of the darkest times in American history.

The story goes that people were illegally smuggling booze on the third floor of this building. When police got word of it, they got rid of the beer by letting it pour out the windows. We’re surprised that no one is standing below the building and drinking the beer.

Side-Eye Stare

This is perhaps the most famous Sophia Loren photo you can find. It’s popular for its side-eye stare that is commonly used by females today. This picture is definitely ahead of its time. Sophia Loren was at the height of her fame back then, but people were just more excited about Jayne.

That stare is absolutely awful and poor Jayne Mansfield doesn’t even see it coming. Other photos from that night have surfaced and the two look like they’re actually having a really good time together. We wondered if Loren felt different after she left.

Wardrobe Differences

Going back in time to a much more conservative time, we are seeing in this picture Brigitta Lindman, a Swedish flight attendant checks out a gown that a showgirl is wearing. On the attendant’s face, you can see both some shock and interest in the dress.

Today the showgirl closer represents what girls wear today than the flight attendant. We can’t help but wonder what she is thinking as she looks at this smiling girl’s dress. This picture does a great job of the past meeting the future.


Victoria Principal’s Fashion

Fashion and the way the human kind saw allure was very different back in the 1970s than it is today. We saw different things as intriguing. Nobody is going to say that this picture isn’t attractive, but it was probably much more crazy in the 1970s than it is today.

Pictured below is Victoria Principal. She made waves in the 1970s and throughout the 1980s when she starred in the acclaimed soap opera Dallas. She has appeared in some shows and movies in the days since Dallas but never reached those heights.

The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch was one of the biggest parts of the 1970s. Let’s not fool ourselves, most people tuned into the show just to get a view of Maureen McCormick who portrayed Marcia Brady. She was every guy’s dream back in the 1970s.

Back in those days, we beauty was more simple as you can see that none of these girls are wearing the kind of clothes that stars wear today. Times have definitely changed within the last 40 years. Surely, things will never be the same.

Princess Diana On The Diving Board

Here we have a view of Princess Diana on her yacht and on the diving board. We wonder if she actually took that dive into the water or just sat there and got some sun. I’m positive she jumped in after seeing that fierce seagull flying at her.

This definitely is a throwback to a time when things were more simple. The hair was big, the bathing suits were less revealing and it seemed like the sun just shined a bit brighter. Royalty will never be the same after losing a great woman like Princess Diana.

Pools Of The 60s

Here is a picture of Audrey Hepburn is her swimsuit back when she was one top of Hollywood. This pool photo shoot caused quite the stir back in the 1960s. Her playful stares into the camera were enough to drive any fan absolutely wild.

Today these photos would be considered quite tame, but back then the world was shocked that Audrey would pose for such pictures. We must remember that back in those days things were a little more tamed in most of America, but not all of it.

Old Days Of Racing

Jungle Pam Hardy was one half of the racing duo that consisted of her and Jungle Jim Lieberman. She was only into the sport for about four years and Jim passed before the 1970s were out, but the two of them together cemented themselves in racing history.

Together they changed the sport forever and are still talked about today. Women were never put at the forefront of the sport until Pam. Seeing a picture really shows you how much the sport changed from the days when it was raw and rugged.

Disco Roller Skates

While we can easily look back to the early 90s and remember people dressed up in all neon and roller skating down a beach path, roller skates really exploded in the 1970s disco era. You’d hear the latest groove and roller skate in circles at the local rinks.

It was a magical time and everyone was living life to the fullest whilst having an amazingly good time. Just look at this woman in New York help these kids skate along on a nice spring day. This is definitely something we can’t expect to see these days.

Variety Show Madness

The 1960s and 1970s were the era of variety and talk shows. These variety shows came in tropes and would bring to you all the hottest singers, comedians, skits and actors. They would also give interviews to some of the people they brought on.

Today, you’ll find not a single variety show on air. They are truly a thing of the past. Some real national treasures were discovered through these shows. All it took was a good recommendation and an up and coming comedian could suddenly find themselves an overnight sensation.

Beautifully Pure

We have to say that back in the 1960s and 1970s a more pure and joyful beauty was admired over the kind of raunchy beauty that is treasured to today. We have here just a girl just hold a plastic beach ball and enjoying herself at the beach.

Look how crystal clear the water looks as well. It was before so much plastic had been thrown into our sea. Hopefully one day we’ll accomplish making our water pure again as it was back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Speeding With The King

In a world where the only genres of music were jazz, country and folk, Elvis came along and brought some color to the world. He is the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll for a reason. He put rock music on the map and led the way for an array of other musicians.

Here we have a picture of the king when he was still young and healthy. He is struggling to perform or riding rollercoaster till dawn, he is simply having some innocent fun on a cool looking motorcycle. Elvis was experience something like any young man his age.