Funny Photos That Show The Royal Family In A New Light


When it comes to the royal family, a lot of different words come to mind. Words like regal, historic, traditional, and famous may be among those words. However, words like funny, hilarious, goofy, or laid-back definitely are not likely to be thought of. Today we’re going to show you that side of your favorite royals. Before looking, keep in mind that you may never see these individuals the same again

She’s Probably Not Hungry

Body language can be quite helpful in social situations, especially if you want to communicate non-verbally with another individual. Some people, like Queen Elizabeth, are very well versed in this form of communication, as you can see here. Hopefully, the servants offering her food quickly got the message that she’s a somewhat finicky eater.

What A Photo Opp

Photo opportunities are a huge part of being in the royal family, as you’re constantly making appearances and meeting people. In this case, Prince Harry is wondering where he went wrong in life to have to take a photo with some third-rate Sesame Street wannabes. Couldn’t they at least get the actual characters from the show? You can even see the person inside the Oscar costume’s face! He actually looks a little embarrassed, too.

Time For A Hat Change

Members of the royal family are often required to wear hats at certain events. That’s when the ladies truly get to flex their fashion sense and show a bit of their personality while being fashion-forward. Unfortunately, these two ladies seem to have realized while looking at one another that their hats are rather ridiculous.

Just Go With It

You have to admire the way that Prince Harry just goes with whatever life throws at him. It seems that he gets sent on all the most awkward appearances and meetings, and he really seems to be perfectly fine with it. Here he is hamming it up in a very strange situation filled with cross-dressing maidens, hairy chests, balloons, and for some reason, a bunch of corded phones.

Having A Laugh

Prince Charles is not exactly known for his laid-back manner, but here he is having a laugh with the Duchess of Cornwall while apparently wearing a kilt. If they were going to be dressed so similarly, she at least could have given him a little advice on how to conduct himself when dressing so. Cross those legs, Prince Charles!

Spousal Abuse

In this photo, you can clearly see that Prince William and wife Kate are not quite on the same page. He is definitely ready to leave, while she is quite content to mug for a few more photos. Fortunately for William, those lanyards they’re wearing make for a quite convenient way to lead your significant other around as needed.

Thousand-Yard Stare

Although the Queen tends to make her displeasure very clear when necessary, moments like this one are a little harder to decipher. She definitely looks displeased, but she also could just be listening intently to what the other woman has to say. In any case, it may benefit the speaker to choose her words carefully when being looked at like that!

Funny Story

Here we have a man that looks to be Prince Charles saying something that is obviously pretty shocking to Sarah Ferguson. She is not usually that animated, so clearly she has been taken aback by whatever he said. Unfortunately, we will never know for sure, but it’s fun to imagine that he’s told her a particularly dirty joke.

Not The Best Look

Anybody who has ever stepped onto a production floor, walked into a warehouse, or worked in a factory knows that it’s hard to look cool with safety glasses on. It’s even harder with these boxy-looking ones that they give visitors to wear when they come around. Even members of the royal family look dorky when they have to wear them!

Performance Review

Most of us would be happy to have even one person in our lives that spent most of their time trying to attend to our every single need. Instead, the members of the royal family have a whole staff that exists to please them, and they still get frustrated with them from time to time. The Queen seems to be giving this fella a pretty stern talking to, but here’s hoping she occasionally cuts the help some slack.

Veggie Tales

Usually, when you think of the people that get to rub elbows with royalty, you imagine foreign dignitaries, government officials, or A-list celebrities. However, these two chaps got to meet Prince Charles simply by dressing up as a banana and carrot. You have to wonder what kind of small talk they made when this photo was taken.

Sssso Sssssneaky

Anyone who has followed the royal family over the years is well aware of the type of relationship that brothers William and Harry have. What’s best about it is that Harry is the quintessential little brother, always trying to get a rise out of his older counterpart. Here, Harry decides to point the business end of a snake toward William’s face and boy, is he unenthused about it.

Test Drive

Being royalty is pretty cool sometimes. Sure, you have to meet grown men dressed up as fruits and vegetables, but you also get to do cool things like drive racing simulators. The royal family is so well-protected that this is probably the closest William will ever get to a real race car. Unlike the rest of us, when William plays video games, he attracts a crowd of onlookers.

He’s Not Impressed

Kate Middleton, like all members of the royal family, has really learned how to hob-nob with the general public. However, her son George has not learned how to handle such pleasantries yet and appears pretty disinterested in his mom’s current conversation. You have to hand it to young George though; he has that royal sneer down perfectly!

No Retakes

The Queen is much older than William, Harry, and the crew and as such, she’s a little less laid back than the younger generation is. Here, she doesn’t look entirely thrilled about the fact that a young man is taking the opportunity to get a sneaky selfie with her. By the looks of it, the man behind the boy is about to cut this photo opportunity short, so hopefully, the first pic is a keeper!

Original Prankster

Of the two brothers, Harry is probably most known as a jokester, although both know how to have a laugh. The best thing about being a prince is that when you pull little pranks, absolutely no one is going to call you out on it, save maybe the Queen herself. Here, Harry enjoys his royal impunity as he blasts an air horn during what is certainly an improper time.

About To Crack

You be the judge: is this the face of a woman who is about to crack up out of laughter or the face of a woman who is literally about to crack after making yet another appearance and having dozens more polite conversations with random people? It can’t be easy marrying into royalty, except the whole never having to work thing, so we can sympathize with you, Kate. At least a little.

Two Is Better Than One

This photo appears to show Harry at the same weird balloon-laden celebration as in the earlier picture, although fortunately there are no hairy cross-dressers to be seen in this one. Harry can’t take such things seriously for long, so it’s no surprise that before long he’s picked up multiple phones in an attempt to utterly ruin any photo the press tries to take of him.

Stand By Your Man

When you’re a prince, you’re invited to a lot of festivities and expected to play along by doing a demonstration or two at activities that you may not be any good at. And with a full social calendar, it’s not easy to be good at everything. Here, we see William attempting to give archery a go for the benefit of the onlookers, but Kate’s face is what makes this photo amazing. She looks like she knows this will go poorly and she can’t wait to see it.

Swing And A Miss

Okay, so when meeting people as royalty, you’re going to be expected to give out handshakes to the grownups and kisses to the babies. The problem is that babies are unpredictable. Go to kiss the wrong one and you’ll have photos of you kissing a crying child all over, or worse yet, a photo like this one where the child is doing everything she can to get away. You’ve got to learn to read these kids’ body language better, William!

Sleeping On The Job

Being a member of the Royal Guard is considerably more demanding than being a part of the royal family. They’re alike in that both groups’ positions are pretty much pointless, but dissimilar in that while the royal family only has to make appearances and know when to curtsy or bow, the Royal Guard has to stand at attention for hours at a time and avoid a single mistake. Obviously, this guy couldn’t hack it.

Having Some Fun

Harry seems to be a lot more of a natural when it comes to dealing with the public than William is. Here we see Harry meeting a group of school children and having some fun at their expense, seeing as they’re all wet from being in the rain and he’s perfectly dry under an umbrella that probably cost more than their parents’ cars. To be fair, they seem pretty amused by it.

Take That

William and Harry, like most royalty, don’t get to partake in a lot of sports. The one exception seems to be polo, which is strange since it seems to be one of the most dangerous sports possible. In this case, Prince Harry has won a trophy in polo and decides to rub it in a little bit by spitting water at a competitor. Come on, Harry. That’s just gross.


The Royal Kingdom Meets The Animal Kingdom

Harry had only the best tutors while growing up, but apparently, when they handled science class, they forgot to tell him that porcupines are spiky. Here, he appears to have figured that out for himself. Generally, people are on their best behavior when meeting Prince Harry, but animals are under no such order to do so, as you see here.


At the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Prince Harry was on the scene, which means that everybody should have been on alert. Here, a pair of unsuspecting gentlemen have no idea that Prince Harry is photobombing them. You have to hand it to him; he looks pretty excited to be in the picture with these guys, so that’s always a plus.

Get Funky

As mentioned earlier, when young bucks like Prince William and Prince Harry make appearances, they’re expected to participate in all kinds of shenanigans. Here, it looks like the man in the middle is showing the two some dance moves, and while William has given up on the exercise altogether, Harry looks like he’s completely up to the challenge.

A Different Approach

Not too long ago, we discussed a photo of Prince William trying – and failing – to kiss an unreceptive baby. Well, Prince Harry knows better than to play those games. If he sees a baby that doesn’t look like he wants a kiss or a goochy-goo, he puts his dukes up instead and challenges the child to a brawl. Gotta hand it to Harry; not a single baby yet has accepted his challenge!

Dangerous Times

As mentioned before, polo is not the safest sport to play, as you’re riding a horse while attempting to hit a ball on the ground with a mallet. Both William and his brother Harry have taken spills while playing the traditional sport. Here, we see Harry taking quite a fall during a match. Fortunately, he was all right, but the onlookers behind him don’t look too concerned!

Hello Up There

This photo looks as if Prince William and wife Kate are sarcastically waving upwards in mockery of all the waving they have to do on a daily basis. In reality, their faces are just probably stuck that way after hours of waving, and they’re saying hello to members of the paparazzi that are crammed into a low-flying helicopter or hot air balloon or something.


You know when you’re a kid and you’re supposed to be on your best behavior, but you think of something funny (and inappropriate) and just can’t resist the urge to tell your sibling? Prince William and Prince Harry clearly have that kind of relationship. The difference is that William has not mastered the ability to keep his snide comments discreet, as we see here.

The Mother Look

This photo here proves that whether she’s a member of the royal family, a rich heiress, or a minimum-wage worker, every mother has the ability to make that face. You know the one. It’s the one that lets you know that playtime is over and if you don’t fix your behavior very quickly, you’re going to be in for it. Poor George doesn’t realize what he’s done.

Royally Bored

One thing that’s always true of royal weddings is that they are absolutely filled with children. It makes for some adorable photos, but it also makes for some hilarious moments like this one. Even royal children get bored with endless pageantry and events that drag on and on. This little girl has had it up to here with all the wedding stuff and just wants to play with her toys.

Na-na-na Boo-boo

Earlier we saw that even at a young age, Prince George has mastered the royal sneer. Well, here we see that this little girl has effortlessly learned how to taunt the general public about how they’re not riding around in a fancy limousine and have to do boring stuff like work and pay taxes. Ha! Sucks to be you, regular people!

They’re Over It

Prince William and Kate are finding out firsthand here that attending weddings is not nearly as fun as actually being in them. This is especially true when you have to lug two extremely bored children around with you. Just look at the expression on poor George’s face! He’s the most bored of all of them, to be sure. Poor little guy.

Is This How I Do It?

If you’re like most kids, you spent your childhood making mud pies, playing video games, or striking out on little league baseball fields. This chap, on the other hand, has spent much of his life so far learning how to wave perfectly to the press. You have to hand it to him, though, he has the whole royalty thing down so well that even Prince Harry there is having a good laugh at it.

That’s Not Good

It’s only fitting that we get another photo of the Queen exhibiting pretty clear disapproval of something. Here, she seems almost bewildered at what she’s seeing, although you have to expect that her facial expression will morph toward disgust in just a brief moment. Whatever she’s looking at, she’s definitely not okay with it.