Meghan Markle Secrets Continue To Pop Up


She Was A “Briefcase Girl”

Meghan Markle wasn’t always a leading lady. To make ends meet, she would take on various modeling and acting jobs. One of those jobs was as a “briefcase girl” on the game show Deal or No Deal. “I was the ill-fated number 26, which for some reason no one would ever choose,” she said in an interview with Esquire. “I would end up standing up there forever in these terribly uncomfortable and inexpensive five-inch heels just waiting for someone to pick my number so I could go and sit down.” However, she also sees her time on the show as a learning experience.

Harry Proposed While Roasting Chicken

To avoid attention from paparazzi, Harry and Meghan were known for having many cozy date nights in their home. The night he proposed is no exception. In an interview with CNN, Harry and Meghan recall the moment. Harry got down on one knee while he roasted chicken. “It was so sweet and natural and very romantic,” Meghan said. “As a matter of fact, I could barely let you finish proposing. I said, ‘Can I say yes now?'”

“Perverse Place For A Little Girl In A Catholic School Uniform To Grow Up”

Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas, is a former TV lighting director. He worked on shows such as “Married…With Children” and “General Hospital.” Meghan would often visit her father on-set, as a child, after school. According to IMDB, she said, “Every day after school for 10 years, I was on the set of Married with Children, which is a really funny and perverse place for a little girl in a Catholic school uniform to grow up.”

First Met Harry On A Blind Date

Despite being a famous actress and a Prince, Harry and Meghan met in the most normal way – they were set up on a blind date by a friend. Markle admitted to BBC that she did not know much about Harry. “The only thing I had asked her [their mutual friend]  when she said she wanted to set us up, was ‘was he nice?'” Meghan said. “If he wasn’t kind, it didn’t seem like it would make sense.”

She Was The Most Googled Actress In 2016

By 2016, Meghan Markle had been working in Hollywood as an actress for over 14 years. However, in 2016, she became an internet sensation. Due to her new relationship with the Prince, she became the most searched actress on Google that year. We expect that trend to continue with the recent announcement of her engagement.

Not Royal Behavior: She Used A Fake ID In College

Meghan attended Northwestern University, in Chicago. During her time there, she acted like most American college students. The Sunday Mirror reported that “she was a typical party-loving student who allegedly used a fake ID to go clubbing.” Furthermore, she was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, which had a reputation for partying.

She Has A Unique Birthday Tradition

When someone celebrates his or her birthday, it is normally done with something sweet like with cookies or a cake. Not for Meghan. Meghan celebrates her birthday each year by eating a large serving of French fries. She must prefer savory to sweet.

Most Likely To Be A Short Engagment

The wedding is unofficially set for Spring 2018. A short engagement, however, is not unusual in the royal family. William and Kate were engaged for 7 months, and Prince Charles and Camilla were engaged were only 2 months before they got married. Despite the short engagement, we expect the wedding to be just as glorious as the previous royal wedding.

Harry Had Never Heard About Meghan Before They Met

Despite being a famous TV star, Prince Harry had never heard of Meghan Markle before they were set up on a blind date. “I’d never watched Suits, I’d never heard of Meghan before. And I was beautifully surprised when I walked into that room and saw her and there she was sitting there,” Harry told People.” I was like, ‘Okay, well I’m going to have to really up my game here. And sit down and make sure I’ve got a good chat.’”

Her Nicknames Are “Flower” & “Bean”

Meghan Markle’s parents do not call her by her birth name Rachel, or her middle name Meghan but rather by “Bean” and “Flower.” On her Instagram in 2016, on Father’s Day, she wrote a sweet caption dedicated to her father and signed the post “I love you xo – Bean.” On a different post, she wrote the caption “My mom has always called me ‘flower’. Nickname since I was a little girl.”

She Will Give Up Acting For Her Royal Duties

Once she marries Prince Harry, Meghan will most likely be given the title Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex. Of course with the title comes lots of responsibilities. She will retire from acting in order to fulfill those duties.  “I don’t see it as giving anything up. I see it as a change. It’s a new chapter,” she said in an interview with BBC.

She Ran A Lifestyle Blog

In 2014, Markle launched her lifestyle blog “The Tig.” Her self-written content focused on themes such as food, travel, fashion, and beauty. Although the blog was relatively successful, she shut it down in April 2017. At the time many speculated, her relationship with Prince Harry was the reason. The speculations seem to be confirmed now.

Used To Run A Calligraphy Business

While auditioning for roles, Markle found several odd jobs. She even did freelance calligraphy. “I did calligraphy for the invitations for, like, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s wedding…I used to do it for Dolce & Gabbana’s celebrity correspondence over the holidays,” she said in an interview with Esquire. “What’s funny is I probably still have some calligraphy business cards floating out in the world and I can’t wait for someone to call me in a month or something, and say, ‘Can you do these for my son’s Bar Mitzvah?'”

Will Be The First American Legally Allowed To Marry Into The Royal Family

In 1936, Prince Edward VIII married American and divorcée, Wallis Simpsons. The event caused a huge uproar in the British government. To remain with his love, Edward VIII abdicated from the throne. His brother, Prince Harry’s great-grandfather, took over the position. However, Prince Harry was given permission by the Queen to marry Meghan.

The Value Of Her Engagement Ring

Meghan and Harry got engaged in early November but did not formally announce it to the public until November 27. Of course, the world was ecstatic to see one thing – the ring. Harry designed the ring himself. It is comprised of a diamond from Botswana and 2 diamonds from Prince Diana’s jewelry. As the diamonds were part of Princess Diana’s possessions, many are saying the ring is priceless. However, if a value must be placed, many believe its cost is as high as $350,000.

Her Name Isn’t Actually Meghan

Meghan Markle’s full name is Rachel Meghan Markle. However, she chooses to go by just Meghan as her stage name. However, in the Royal Family, each person is called by their full real name. For example, you will never hear a royal call Kate Middleton, Kate. She is always called Catherine. Therefore, will she legally change her name to Meghan or will she soon be known as Rachel?

Prince Harry: Princess Diana & Meghan Would Have Been “As Thick Of Thieves”

Prince Harry added diamond’s from his mother’s jewelry collection as he wanted her to be a part of this next step in his life. Harry said his mother would “probably be best friends with Meghan.” He continued, “They’d be as thick of thieves, without question. I think she would be over the moon, jumping up and down, so excited for me.”

Meghan & Prince Harry Are Related

Of course, Prince Harry’s family lineage can be traced back multiple centuries, as the royal bloodline is well-documented. However, Meghan’s family line has also been traced back centuries. Their bloodlines crossed in the 15th century. They are linked through a man named Ralph Bowes, who was born in 1480. According to Yahoo!, this connection makes them 15th cousins.

The First Time She Met The Queen

Meeting family of a significant other is extremely nerve-wracking. However, imagine the family you were meeting was royalty. Meghan said she has met the Queen and she was grateful to see Harry’s love and respect for his grandmother. However, Harry noted there was something quite fascinating about the meeting. The Queen’s corgis loved her. He said, “The corgis took to you straight away. The last 33 years I’ve been barked at, this one [Meghan] walks in and just nothing, just wagging tails!”

Queen Elizabeth

Says Romance Scenes On-Camera Are “Weird”

When Meghan began dating Harry, she was starring in the show “Suits.” Despite her personal romance with the Prince, the show had to go on. Plot lines continued and eventually heated up for her character. She had to film a sex scene in a file room with her co-star, Patrick J Adams. When asked about the scene, she said: “Of course it was weird!”

How Does Kate Feel About The Engagement?

After news broke about Harry and Meghan’s engagement, many were wondering what THE royal couple thinks of the ordeal. While at a charity event, Kate said “William and I are absolutely thrilled, It’s such exciting news. It’s a really happy time for any couple and we wish them all the best and hope they enjoy this happy moment.”

After Marriage, They Will Live In Nottingham Cottage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to get married in Spring 2018. After the wedding, they will live in Nottingham Cottage. Affectionately known as the “Nott Cott,” the 2-bedroom home is located on the Kensington Palace grounds. The Cottage was also the first home of William and Kate after their nuptials.

3 Of Her Immediate Family Members Have Filed Bankruptcy

Even though Meghan has reached worldwide fame, some of her family members have not been as lucky. Her father, Thomas, who is an Emmy winner for his work on TV, filed for bankruptcy in 2016. Her mother, Doria, who worked as a yoga therapist, filed for bankruptcy in 2002. Her half-brother, Thomas Markle Junior, also once filed for bankruptcy.

Will She Be The First Bi-Racial Royal?

Meghan Markle is of Caucasian and African-American descent. However, will she be the first bi-racial royal? Maybe. According to The Washington Post, “Some historians suspect that Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III who bore the king 15 children, was of African descent.” However, others also argue, the evidence presented is weak and cannot prove Queen Charlotte was of African descent.

She Was Previously Married

In 2004, Meghan Markle began dating film producer Trevor Engelson. After 6 years of dating, they got engaged in 2010. They tied the knot the following year. However, after close to 2 years of marriage, they separated and officially divorced in August 2013. They cited “irreconcilable differences” as the main reason of the split.

Prince Harry Also Had A Long-Term Relationship

After meeting at school, Prince Harry began dating Chelsy Davy in 2004. Their relationship was on and off until 2011. She even attended “The Royal Wedding” as Harry’s guest. However, constantly being scrutinized by the media was hard for Chelsy. Despite the split, Chelsy says she believes her and Harry will “always be good friends.”

She Hasn’t Spoken To Her Sister In 9 Years

Meghan Markle has reportedly not spoken to her older half-sister in over 9 years. Her sister, Samantha, says when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008, she stopped hearing from Meghan. Now that the engagement is public, Samantha, who lives in Florida, has announced she will write a tell-all book about her’s and Meghan’s childhood.

“The Truth Would Kill Her Relationship With Prince Harry.”

Samantha Grant (formerly Markle) has a strained relationship with her estranged sister Meghan. Samantha claims Meghan is a “social climber” and stopped supporting her family when she became famous. “The royal family would be appalled by what she’s done to her own family…Her behavior is certainly not fitting of a Royal Family member,” she said in an interview with Good Morning Britain. “The truth would kill her relationship with Prince Harry.”

The Real Reason Her Sister Doesn’t Like Her

Meghan’s sister, Samantha, has gone on record saying she has a strained relationship with Meghan because she was abandoned by her sister. However, Samantha’s mother says otherwise. In an interview with Radar, Samantha’s mother, Roslyn, said: “Meghan got sent to a private school, and daddy paid for her to go to Northwestern, so Samantha just feels cheated.”

Her Net Worth Will Grow Nearly 10x After Marriage

Meghan Markle has certainly worked hard for her fortune. The famed TV actress reportedly made $50,000 per episode of “Suits.” She earned a fortune worth $5 million. However, it is hard to compete with royalty. Prince Harry is a military vet and does charity work around the world, including running the Invictus Games. He has a net worth of over $40 million. Once a legal couple, their combined net worth will be $45 million and will only grow from there.