Here Is Why This Michigan Man Has Never Stopped Growing

When Broc Brown was born, it was immediately apparent to Darci Brown Elliott, his mother that he was going to be bigger than average. With that, she never thought that he’d never stop growing and make headlines. Here is the secret behind his growth.

Starting Small

Doctors couldn’t have guessed there was an issue with him when he was born. He came out a healthy 8 pounds and was only 22-inches-long. His parents were both overjoyed by how perfect their baby boy came out. With that, he had an unexpected secret.

Growing Up Fast

Broc was an extremely happy child and while he was always a bit tall, he fit in perfectly with the other children. It was apparent to his mother that he was growing up at a faster rate than his peer, but it was only when she enrolled him in kindergarten that he became extremely concerned. She noticed something about him that she didn’t see in other children.

Concern In Kindergarten

Most parents will tell you that it feels like their kid is growing up to fast. Broc’s parents meant it when they said it. He was growing at a very rapid pace. At 5 foot 2, the kindergarten was a skyscraper amongst his fellow students. They had no clue as to why he was growing so big. That when they decided that action had to be taken.

Matching Mother In Size

By the time Broc was six, he was the same height as his mother. This, of course, worried Darci to no end. This was no normal size for a kid his age and she couldn’t deny it. Something was definitely wrong with her child. His aunt further elaborated, “When he was small, he couldn’t ride a bike. But when you’re trying to teach a 6-year-old who’s the same size as you, it’s hard. You can’t stabilize him.”

Unconditional Love

Childhood comes with an array of great hobbies. Most kids play softball, play tag with their friends and go to daycare. She began to find that his size was making it hard for him to take part in these activities. She began having her own troubles managing to care for her adult-sized child. “When you have a five-year-old who has hurt themselves and they come running at you, you pick them up. I would carry him around when he was half the size of me so I have a lot of back problems.”


Going To The Doctors

For the most part, Darci had been long denying that anything wrong was with her child, but when you have an adult-sized six-year-old, there something going on more than an early growth spurt. The family agreed to take their massive child to the doctor’s office. Certainly, the doctor would be in for one big surprise.


Getting To The Bottom Of The Things

Upon seeing him, doctors knew that they would need to run a number of test on the boy. His whole family waited in nervous anticipation for the results. Darci was especially worried. No mother wants to have a child with some sort of disability. She wanted to assure her child that he’d have an amazing life and not have to struggle.

Broc’s Diagnosis

Before he even hit the age of seven, Broc got a rare diagnosis that touches one in every 15,000 people in the world. The wait was over and his mother had to hear the news that no mother wanted to hear. Her son had Sotos Syndrome or what we know better today as cerebral gigantism. His growth spurt was far from over, in fact, he was just getting started.

The Truth Hurts

“There’s nothing that can stop him from growing – I don’t know if he will ever stop,” Darci painfully admitted. She and the family were very concerned with Broc’s condition. They didn’t what kind of future was laid ahead for the boy. Just as they were in a heap of worry, doctors announced something to her that nearly broke her in half. According to them, he probably wouldn’t survive to see the age of 18.

Seeking Treatment

They looked into finding a treatment for the boy, but they had hit a brick wall. At the moment there is no available treatment for Sotos Syndrome. This genetic disorder is often treated on a symptomatic basis. While things looked pretty awful at the moment, there were plenty of surprises in store. Broc would end up shocking everyone.

Sotos Syndrome

People who are diagnosed with Sotos syndrome will often find that they are suffering from excessive growth. This growth spurt will hit them aggressively throughout their childhood and teenage years. People with this condition will often find that they are much bigger than any of their peers.

Broc’s Teen Years

Everybody grows when in high school. In four years you see boys grow into adult-sized individuals. Broc was living in a completely different reality. The Michigan local was sprouting higher and higher. He was almost double the size of some of the other students. He would definitely garner some stares while walking down the halls.

Getting Attention

In a lot of ways, Broc was no different from the other kids in his class. Like most teenagers, Broc enjoyed things like fishing at the lake and taking trips to the wall. That said, he was 6-feet-tall by the time he was 14 and would get some much bigger by the time he graduated. There was no way he could blend in with the crowd while in school.


More Bad News

People with Sotos syndrome are naturally taller than the average growing individual. Doctors went on to tell Darci that her son was taller than most people with the disability. They didn’t spare her any concern. They let her know that they were very concern with Broc’s health. It seemed to them that functioning would be harder for Broc as time went on.


Health Concerns

While before doctors had told Darci that her son wouldn’t make it to see 18-years-old, they were now telling her that he probably wouldn’t make it past the age of 15. He was just growing too much too quickly. His spurts even caught the doctors off guard. This news distressed his family, but they had to keep living as they had been and let their son thrive as much as he could.


Facing The Odds

Sotos Syndrome isn’t as simple as continuous growth. The syndrome can leave one with a number of health problems and Broc was starting to feel them. While in high school he got a strain on his heart, a curvature of his spine, ADHD, intermittent explosive disorder and a learning disability. His disabilities caused him some pain, but he couldn’t take any painkillers due to him being born with one kidney.


Often Uncomfortable

Broc isn’t shy about his pains and has opened up about them saying, “It kind of feels like a big tennis racket has gone through my back. I do stuff to stop it hurting and it makes me feel like there’s a needle gone through it – it’s hard to deal with.” He and his family are always on the hunt for something to make his journey a more comfortable and manageable one.

Expensive Custome Made Products

Given his gigantic size, Broc can’t bring to use a lot of the things that we take for granted. He has a custome made 8-foot bed and a custom chair that cost the family $1,000. His room has been completely built specifically for him and it comes in handy for the boy. During his uncomfortable growth spurts, he sleeps for about 16 hours a day.

Keep Positive Spirits

Despite all the hardships that have come for him, his aunt has stated that he, “takes on his condition day by day with a smile on his face.” His mother has said, “Overall he is a big softie, his heart is as big as his body. Amazingly, Broc has maintained a sunny attitude throughout everything. Those who know him have observed that not only is his height extraordinary, but so is his character.” Broc just wishes that they can do something for his pain.


Forget Sedentary Life

Broc has a determination to live. He could easily live a very comfortable but sedentary lifestyle. He faces pains and challenges at every turn. Riding in a car is uncomfortable, going to the movies, playing sports, standing for long hours, sitting for too long and even walking indoors. Life is far from easy for this guy. Many wonder what inspired Broc’s amazing attitude. If you must know, he was lucky enough to be part of huge experience that would change his outlook on life forever.


Hometown Fame

Broc is from a Jackson, Michigan. It homes about 30,000 locals and amongst them in this giant man. Spending his whole life there, many people have seen Broc a handful of times. They’ve seen him walking down the street, in school or at the local hangouts. One can’t miss him when he’s in an area. Recently his fame has pushed beyond the scale of local and his turn into international fame.

Breaking A World Record

Up until the point when he turned 19, Broc held the Guinness World Record for being the tallest teenagers. Today he is too old to make that classification. Making it to 19 was a big deal seeing as doctors didn’t think he’d make it past the age of 15. His record-breaking days might not be over yet. At the age of 19, Broc is still growing.

Hasn’t Slowed Down

While most people with Sotos Syndrome start to show signs of slowing down their growth rate, Broc is still growing at a steady speed at the age of 19. This rare and also quite incredible. Today, he is currently 7 foot 8 inches and he towers over everyone in his family. He is still steadily shooting up six inches a year. Who knows what is in store for Broc in the future.

Appearing On Television

One of his biggest accomplishments thus far is appearing on The Maury Show in 2016. It was a special bullying episode that sported a number of teens with disabilities. He and his mother appeared together on the show and shared some brave tales of what it was like growing up a giant. He was always surrounded by a community of support. Once he appeared on The Maury Show, his community expanded.

Financial Issues

Being so big doesn’t come without its financial cost. Growing up, kids need clothes, shoes and other things. When your as big as Broc is you’ll find yourself needing a lot of custom clothes made for you. Believe me, these clothes don’t come cheap. Mostly all he owns is made up of specially made things. Darci has recently found herself in need of some serious help.

Community Support

Along with the clothing, Broc also needs custom-made furniture to support him. His constant growth means that he is periodically outgrowing his clothes. In an attempt to get some help, Broc’s family has started a support page for him on Facebook. The page has gotten massive support and they have even helped her buy some of his clothes.

Outpour Of Love And Support

The Facebook support page is one of many made for the big guy. Various pages have risen up to $10,400. The money has brought Darci to tears as she did not imagine getting that much support. Someone even donated tickets to Detroit Piston Basketball games. Not only did Broc get to see some amazing games, but he also met a number of the star players.

Future Worries

Darci spoke out considering the funds and has said, “The funds didn’t last long, we had a lot of outfits but within a year he was out of them and it was time to do it all again.” The funds meant a lot to Broc and his family, but his growth spurts has resulted in him outgrowing a lot of the clothes. While many people take granted buying just a regular old shirt, Broc doesn’t have that privilege.

A Chance For Hope

Broc seemed to be thriving more than usual. Darci sought out a specialist and was going to get to the bottom of her son’s future. This meant getting on a plane from Detroit to Arkansas. Broc has never been a fan of closed space, but like a champ, he boarded that plane and was going to get his health checked out. The specialist would actually turn out to have some amazing news.

The Best News For Broc

Broc and his family have gone most of their lives assuming that he’d have a short life. Dr. Schaefer, the specialist in Arkansas gave Broc some of the best news of his life. After doing some test, he came to the conclusion that Broc’s condition was no longer life-threatening and that he would be able to live a full and fulfilling life. Seems for Broc, the saga has just begun.