The Magnificent Life Story of Linda Lusardi


Linda’s Origins

Linda’s family tree is an interesting one, her father was an Italian roaming the streets of Hackney, East London, and her mother was from Edmonton Middlesex. The two met and romance bloomed. They married, moved from their respected homes and had Linda.

Growing Up Linda

Linda Lusardi was born in 1958 and was raised amongst the double-decker buses, mass crowds and quaint neighborhoods of London, England. In the mass of the city’s booming population, Linda was one girl who had a dream to make it big. She’d see models looking at her from magazines and posing on television and she wanted to be one.

Parents Show Concern

Like most parents, Lusardi’s didn’t know what to make of their daughter’s ambition to become a model. It is no parent’s ideal choice of career for their child. Once Linda turned 18, there was little anyone can do to stop her. She felt that she had something decent to offer and was going to strive to be the best she could be.

Success With The Sun

The year was 1976 and Lusardi was 18-years-old. She and about a hundred other girls were trying to become the next page 3 girl at The Sun. While many beauties were seen that day, there was something about Lusardi that stood out. It may have been her olive skin or curly hair. The Sun just had to have her.

Linda Mania

Linda Lusardi’s picture in The Sun caused quite the stir around the UK. Everyone was pulling the tabloid off the shelf to get a look at her. Till this day she is known as the greatest Page 3 girl of all time. While many Page 3 girls have come and gone, her stint on the page pushed her into the limelight and bloomed into a successful career.


Modeling Career

Without Linda even noticing, she went from a girl with a stroke of luck to a full time model. Everyone want a piece of her in their magazines. She was up to her neck in work. During the late 1970’s and 1980’s, Linda was the hottest model in nearly all of Europe. She was known as the Page 3 girl who broke the modeling world and introduced it into a modern era.


Linda Lusardi Beyond Modeling

While she was a hit on magazine pages, Linda Lusardi didn’t have a voice. The masses wanted to know more about this bombshell and Linda wanted to assure the world that she had a brain and was more than just some model. With that, Linda began doing some jobs as a host. They weren’t huge, but now the world was able to put a voice to her pictures.

Venturing Into Television

One of the things that Linda is best known for is her soothing and sweet voice. When television and film producers heard her speaking and got a look at the shy and innocent way she held herself, they immediately wanted her for television. Her first roles came in the form of bit parts. One of her earliest roles was as a French Beauty in 1987’s Consuming Passions.

Linda’s First Love

While at a party being thrown by friends, Linda was being aggressively approached by a man. That’s when she said, “Pardon me, but I’m here with my husband.” She then proceeded to take a random man’s arm that was in her ground. He looked down at her with gleaming eyes and said, “yes, I am her husband.” This man ended up being a builder by the name of Terry Bailey

Married Life For Linda

It was a beautiful way for the two to meet and not long after, the statements made that night turned out to be true and Linda and Terry were married. He was a skilled builder who had somehow managed to nab the United Kingdom’s “It” girl. It seemed their marriage was concrete. They appeared together frequently in News of the World, a Sunday magazine. He was also building a house and farm for her out in the country.

It Didn’t Last

Sadly, the marriage didn’t last. Many may think that it had something to do with Linda’s growing fame and Terry remaining a humble builder. The two separated in 1996. This nasty divorce came just as Linda was taking her career to new heights. She had undergone singing lessons and was beginning to appear in Broadway plays.

Linda’s Second Love

1998 was a great year for Linda Lusardi. Firstly, she scored a role in Brookside: Friday The 13th, but she met and fell in love with Samuel Kane, an acclaimed English actor. The two immediately married and went to have their daughter Lucy Kane. This was the start of a new era for Linda Lusardi. In a sense, her career began going in a more serious direction. She was 40-years-old and her modeling career was long gone.

The Bill

In 2000, Linda wouldn’t only give birth to her first daughter, but would also begin acting in her first long-term television role. She would portray Maggie in The Bill. Her popularity on the show would end up leading to greater things for Linda and in no time at all, she would end up having her most famous role ever.


Broadway and Emmerdale

Linda’s acting lessons paid off big time for her. Throughout the late 1990’s and 2000’s she was a hit in the theater. She appeared in man productions and even went onto be a triple threat actor, dancer and singer. With all that hard work, Linda eventually got a role on Emmerdale as a major payback.


Linda Lusardi As Carrie Nicholls

Linda Lusardi played the beloved Carrie Nicholls. She has a motherly role in the show and this is what Linda had to say about her character, “I don’t think she’s greedy or money-grabbing, but he has left Scarlett something and felt she deserved it but the boys obviously don’t and they don’t want her near Home Farm interfering, especially Matthew. I’m behaving as a mother really, as me, I’m not standing for it”.

Dancing On Ice

After her time on Emmerdale ended in 2008, Linda immediately signed on to the show, Dancing On Ice. She didn’t take the competition lightly and moved Daniel Whiston, her partner temporarily into her home for practicing could come much easier to the two of them. The two of them made to sixth place in the competition.

Linda’s Daughter

While Linda was shooting for TV stardom her 18-year-old daughter has been slowly following in her footsteps. Lucy Kane was introduced formally to the world when she signed up for The Voice and sang The Shirelles’ Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. She did well but left without having much success.


Just Like Mommy

Much like her mom, Lucy has been working as a full time model. That said, she hasn’t exactly had the same success and hasn’t been willing to take things as far. When asked about modeling topless, she has responded by saying, “I don’t have the assets for it like my mum, I’m not gonna lie. I think it’s great that women are confident enough to do it and it is what it is. I’ve never gone topless. I just don’t think it’s for me.”

Banning Mom

While one can’t simply deny that being Linda Lusardi’s daughter has played a part in Lucy’s tidbits of success, Lucy still wants to largely separate herself from her mother. During her audition for the voice, Lucy banned her mom from the sidelines while stating that she could do it herself and that she didn’t want her mother stealing any of the limelight.

A Closer Look At Lucy

While she had modeled for magazines like Vogue and Argos, she is far from a Page 3 girl. That said, she is going out with a determination to be successful. Before she delved into the world of modeling, she was working at a local salon. When it comes to her personal life, Lucy is currently in a relationship with fellow actor named Joe Ashman.

Cancer Scare

Just as she was becoming for famous than ever, Linda was struck with some very bad news. She went to the hospital after feeling ill and a five-pound tumor was found on the wall of her womb. Her world was immediately shattered but she decided to continue pushing forward and staying positive. Thankfully, the tumor turned out to be a benign cyst.


Cancer Scare Made Her Stronger

According to Lusardi, she feels better than ever. “The whole ordeal was terrifying as I was convinced I had cancer in the stomach or womb.” She then had surgery and has reported that “All the side-effects have been positive. I lost weight straight away – about seven pounds. My legs have become slimmer and I’ve got the flattest stomach I’ve ever had. I have more energy, my clothes fit better and I’m back to the size I was five years ago before this thing started to grow inside of me.”


Other Side Of The Lens

Linda Lusardi has had a long and amazing career in front of the camera. That said, she is going of 60-years-old and is passed the age of modeling. She still loves it though and is currently out to find the next “It” girl. Linda is now the one taking the pictures. “All the time I was doing photo shoots, I was learning about it, but I was put off by the darkrooms. Then digital came along and everyone seemed to become a photographer.

Best Of Both Worlds

Linda knows what she always loved from a photographer and now she can deliver just that to the next generation of artist and models. “I know what it’s like on both sides of the camera and how to make people relax into it if they’re nervous. Even when I was a model, the photographers liked working with me because I could help other girls.”

Working With New Artist

Working in taking pictures, rather than having your picture taken can open up new worlds for you. Through her recent experience taking pictures, Linda has actually discovered a new love. “Working with artists and people coming up is my favorite bit of it. I’ve got no desires to cover  weddings or become a paparazzo, but it’s interesting to be on the other side of the lens.”

All About The Lighting

While it will come across as common sense to anyone who has ever delved into photography in a serious way, Linda Lusardi has claimed that lighting is the key to a good picture. “Lighting is the most important element. It doesn’t matter who you’re photographing, if you haven’t got decent lighting it’s going to be a problem.”

Emmerdale Return?

Linda Lusardi was a huge addition to Emmerdale during the single season she was on it. During an interview, Linda explained that she’d consider a return to Emmerdale. “I had to leave because of the children, we live too far away and it was not fair on them – Emmerdale has left the door open.” She also spoke about how good the show was for her as an actress.