Most Unique & Valuable Items Sold On ‘Pawn Stars’


Since 2009, “Pawn Stars” has been following the business proceedings of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, in Las Vegas. People bring in a variety of rare finds and historical antiques, which they try to sell to the staff of the pawn shop. The shop is run by “Old Man” Harrison, Rick Harrison, “Big Hoss” Harrison, and “Chumlee”. It is the staff’s job to investigate the piece on history and authenticity as well as appraise it. Many times an items value is much higher than the seller or staff would have ever imagined. Here are the most unique and valuable items sold on “Pawn Stars”.

17th Century Ship’s Bell – $15,000

An unsuspecting woman owned this old bell. Although she thought the bell was most likely worthless, she also thought the engravings on its surface were interesting. Therefore, she took it to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop to get it appraised. This was no ordinary bell, but rather the bell from a ship built in 1602. The bell was valued at $15,000!

1715 Spanish Fleet Coin – $18,000

A woman named Jody brought in this gold coin to the shop. She had come to its ownership through inheritance. She knew that it had to be valuable just by looking at it. She learned the coin was a 1715 Spanish gold peso, minted in Peru, and is valued at $18,000.

Vic Flick’s 1961 Fender Stratocaster – $55,000

Vic Flick’s name may not be recognizable. However, his work certainly is. Vic Flick played the guitar riff for the “James Bond Theme Song”. Not only did he play the theme song, but he played it on this exact guitar. Vic himself brought his 1961 Fender Stratocaster into the shop and sold it for $55,000.

JFK’s Humidor – $60,000

Much of John F. Kennedy’s personal items are considered high value. Therefore, when a man walked into the shop with one of his humidor’s, the staff knew they had to have it. The owner originally asked for $95,000. However, staff made a deal to buy it for $60,000. Rick knew he got himself a great deal as he saw a similar humidor sell at auction for $575,000.

Edward Curtis’ Photogravures – $20,000

A woman walked in with this and few other of Edward Curtis’ photogravures. Rick, like many viewers, did not know who Edward Curtis was nor what photogravures are. However, he took a chance as the woman only asked for $50. He did a little research and discovered a photogravure is a photo produced from etching an image into a copper plate and using a gelatin to produce an intaglio print. He also learned they were worth $20,000!

2014 Hertz Penske GT Mustang – $60,000

Roger Penske is a business mogul. He is best known for his Penske moving trucks. However, he also owns an IndyCar and NASCAR team. In 2013, he teamed up with Hertz to create 150 limited edition Ford GT Mustangs. The team at the Pawn Shop has a soft spot for nice cars. They bought this beauty for $60,000.

Olympic Medals – $30,000

American Olympian Jumpin’ Joe Greene competed in the long jump competition in the 1992 Barcelona Games as well as in the 1996 Atlanta Games. He received a bronze medal at each. He recently fell into some hard financial times and sold the the medals to Rick and the shop, for $30,000. However, he made Rick promise not to sell the medals, only display them.

Order Of The White Eagle Medallion – $30,000

One day a man was perusing a garage sale when he stumbled upon this medal. He thought it was a neat medallion, that may be worth some money, and bought it for less than a dollar. He brought the medal to the shop and had it appraised. It is a Polish Order White Eagle Medallion from the 1700s. He sold it to the shop for $30,000.

1915 Panama Canal Commemorative Coin – $67,500

In order to make money, the shop sells the items which it buys. Therefore, many people looking for rare items come to the shop. One man approached Rick looking for a rare 1915 Panama Pacific Octagonal $50 gold piece. The man offered Rick $70,000. The shop did not have one in stock, but Rick knew of a coin auction that did. He flew across the country and was able to buy two. He sold the man one of the coins for $67,500.

Over 200 Pounds Of Silver – $111,000

Over 10 years ago, a man decided he would invest in silver, and began buying lots of it. Luckily, silver became more valuable with time. He amassed over 200 pounds of it. He was ready to sell it and approached the “Pawn Stars”. They bought the whole lot for $111,000. It was the largest purchase in “Pawn Stars” history. Today, the story uses the silver to create their own own custom-minted coins with the Old Mans’s face. Each custom coin sells for $70 each.

1932 Custom Ford Roadster – $68,250

As stated previously, Rick has a soft spot for cars, especially for vintage cars that are in great shape. A man brought in this custom 1932 Ford Roadster, and Rick did not hesitate to start negotiations. Despite being over 80 years old, it was in near perfect condition and only had 450 miles on it. After intense negotiation process, Rick purchased the car for $68,250.

The Book Of Mormon – $24,000

This is a Book of Mormon, or the religious text used by Mormons. Although the book is widely distributed, most are not as valuable as this one. This is a fifth edition copy that was printed in 1842. It is the last book that was printed in the religion’s founder’s (Joseph Smith) lifetime. The book was appraised and valued at $40,000. The shop bought it for $24,000.

1500’s Spanish Gold Bar – $35,000

One man was cleaning out his attic when he stumbled upon an unexpected find – this gold bar. He believed it could possibly have some value so he took it to the “Pawn Stars” to get it appraised. From the markings on the bar, an expert was able to determine this gold bar was from a 1554 Spanish shipwreck off the coast of Texas. It was valued at $50,000, and the shop purchased it for $35,000.

1922 Proof Peace High Relief Dollar – $80,000

One must always be careful while betting. You can lose a lot of money, and possibly even a coin thats worth more than you think. A man came in the pawn shop, with this coin he had one in a poker game. After winning the coin, he did some research and discovered it was a 1922 Proof Peace High Relief Dollar. There are very few left in existence and it is worth between $50,000-$100,000. The shop bought it for $80,000.

2001 Champion Super Bowl Ring – $30,000

In Super Bowl XXXVI, the New England Patriots beat the St. Louis Rams, 20-17. Every year the players of the winning team are gifted a diamond encrusted “trophy” ring. One of these rings made its way into the pawn shop. The ring was previously owned by player, Brock Williams. Rick and the guys bought it for $2,600. They believe they will be able to sell it for $30,000.

1941 Gibson SJ-200 Guitar – $85,000

The “Pawn Stars” have become a haven for people looking to sell music memorabilia. One man walked in with this 1941 Gibson SJ-200 Guitar. However, it was more than just a guitar as it was owned by Stephen Stills of “Crosby, Stills and Nash”. Stills had even signed the guitar. After authenticating the guitar, the shop bought it for $85,000.

1932 Lincoln Roadster – $95,000

This was one of the more expensive car purchases at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. This 1932 Lincoln Roadster came to the shop in pristine condition. The 150-horsepower, V-12 engine made it very hard for the staff to resist. Rick was smitten with the car and did not negotiate very hard, as he really wanted the car. Rick bought the car for $95,000.

1961 Gibson SG Les Paul Custom – $90,000

This guitar was once owned by Mary Paul. Mary Paul was the wife and musical partner of Les Paul. The duo created hit songs such as “How High the Moon”, “I’m Sitting on Top of the World” and “Lady of Spain”. Many of those songs were strummed on this 1961 Gibson guitar. The owner of the guitar wanted $250,000 for it. However, Rick negotiated the price down to $90,000.

(Stolen) Diamond Earrings – $40,000

One day a man walked into the shop with a beautiful set of diamonds earrings. Rick and the boys are no amateurs and they asked the man for all the specific paperwork, such as his receipt. Everything looked to be normal. Rick paid the man $40,000. Unfortunately, the next day, he learned the earrings he had just bought were actually stolen. The earrings were given back to the owner, but Rick’s money was gone.

1859 No. 3 Gold Piece – $2,650

Many people collect coins from all over the world. Many hope that one day they will even find one that’s worth a lot of money. This only happens rarely. However, when someone does find one, its current value is exponentially larger than its original value. This is the most valuable coin at the shop. It is an 1859 No. 3 Gold piece and it is worth $2,650.

Greek Didrachm

As the previous coin was the most valuable in the shop, this coin is the oldest. This coin is a Greek didrachm (equal to two drachmas) and dates back to 325 B.C. Although it is hard to compare ancient currency to modern-day currency, historians and economists believe that one drachma was equivalent to roughly $25. However, its worth is much larger than that today.

Dunhill Watch Lighter – $10,000

In the 1920s, nearly everyone carried pocket watches and smoked cigarettes. Therefore, one company decided to combine the two to create the watch lighter. The design and colors of the watch certainly portray the esthetic of the roaring 20s. It is valued at $10,000.

Original Signed Copy Of “Dracula” – $2,350

One man was attending an auction and decided to buy an old copy of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. However, he was surprised to discover that Bram Stoker’s signature was actually inside the book. It was certainly an unexpected but welcomed find. He brought it to the shop to verify its authenticity. It is worth close to $4,000. However, the shop only paid $2,350 for it.

Congolese Beheading Sword

This unusual looking item is as scary as it may look. The sword has three arches and was created to look intimidating. It was owned by a chief in the African Congo in the mid 1800s. It was used to scare off enemies. However, when necessary, it was also used to behead those enemies.

Dinosaur Eggs – $500

Dinosaurs are a fascinating subject to many people. Therefore, when a woman walked in one day with a rock that contained 2 fossilized dinosaur eggs, Rick knew he had to have them. The eggs were from a duck billed dinosaur. At one point, these eggs were considered very valuable. However, in recent years, many have been discovered. The shop bought the eggs for $500. However, they are selling them for $1,200.

J. Howard McGrath Identity Card

President Truman appointed J. Howard McGrath to the position of the United States General Attorney in 1949. However, he was forced to resign, in 1952, after refusing to cooperate in a corruption investigation in his department. Despite his resignation, his secret service identity card was kept in mint condition. A counterfeit dollar bill was also found with the card, that was signed by several of his friends.

Civil War Officer Pistol – $6,000

The “Pawn Stars” have a list of experts that they call on to help authenticate items brought into their shops. One of their artillery experts came in one day, not to help authenticate an item, but rather to sell something of his own. This pistol was used by an African American soldier in the civil war. The pistol is engraved with various details about the soldier, such as his name and unit number. The shop knew it was real and bought it for $6,000.

D.B Cooper $20 Bill – $1,600

In 1971, and man hijacked a Boeing 727 and jumped out of the airplane mid-flight. He was carrying over $100,000. The man was named D.B. Cooper, and his whereabouts after the jump are unknown. Many believe he died in the jump. However, there is no physical evidence proving this. A man came into the shop with a piece of a bill that was allegedly part of Cooper’s loot. He sold this tiny fragment for $1,600.

Four One-Kilo Gold Bars – $128,000

The “Pawn Stars” purchase whatever they feel is valuable and sellable. We know they had bought over 200 pounds of silver, but they had also invested in gold. One of the most expensive items ever sold at the shop was four one-kilo gold bars valued at $128,000.

Paul Revere Silver Spoon – $9,500

Paul Revere is a Revolutionary War legend. In April 1775, he warned the colonial militia of incoming British Troops before the battles of Lexington and Concord. His ride of warning was later named “Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride”. Along with being a war hero, he was also a silversmith. This spoon was actually created by Revere and is worth between $12,000-$18,000. The shop purchased the spoon for $9,500.